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Old 17th March 2006, 02:51 PM
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Sporty cars & weight...

What is up with "sporty" cars and weight? The new Corvette is around 2,200 lbs. That is what a sporty car should weigh. Then, you look at the new GTI and it's a hatchback. It's only got 3 doors. Yet, it weighs about 3,300 lbs.? :wtf: wtf?? Even the WRX weighs about 3,300 lbs. with things like an aluminum hood. The Lotus Elise is so fast not because it has power (it only has ~190 HP) but it is lightweight.

Whatever has happened to weight in the sporty car market? Can't car makers cut down on the weight? Is it all the new government laws that mandate this weight? Do they do it to compete with SUV's for safety? (If you car is heavier, that is safer if something like an SUV runs into you.) Sad to see this trend in sporty cars continues to move upward...
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