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Old 20th December 2003, 08:40 PM
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Forum Re-Organisation Suggestion

A number of people both Moderators and normal folk have made various suggestions regarding the various Distributed Forums so here's my proposal for this forum, please post your views (good or bad).

Seti, DF & MAths forums remain the same.

This Science Research Forum changes to Physical Science Forum

As a rule if it's not alive and it's not a number it's in here !

Current projects to include:- DPAD, DHEP, EON, CPDN

The above is based on the predicate that the current Genome forum will be renamed and expanded to Biological and Medical Science.

Those in the know will note the above projects aren't top of the popularity poles so this forum may quieten down a bit as TSC & Sengent will move to the new B&M Science forum. For my part I will try and add a little spice to keep things bubbling over.
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