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Old 15th August 2003, 06:42 PM
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Eduardo Yanez is the latest addition to the cast of "The Punisher" according to the Hollywood Reporter. The actor, who previously appeared in "Wild Things" and "Megiddo: The Omega Code 2" has been cast in a bit part as a Cuban gangster.

In other "Punisher" news, cover artist extraordinaire Tim Bradstreet revealed on his official website that he is involved with the production. Bradstreet is well known for his gritty, urban cover paintings for crime-oriented comics and has been providing covers for "The Punisher" for several years.

Word is that director Jonathan Hensleigh wanted the Bradstreet look for his film early on and has been trying to get or keep the artist involved in development almost from the start. At the recent press conference the director noted Bradstreet's influence on the movie.

"Stick around until September when I will reveal the big news about the new 'Punisher film,'" Bradstreet told readers of his site. "I am involved, but to find out how, check back for the straight dope in September."
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