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Old 29th April 2003, 08:01 PM
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Shazam!!! Monday 28 April.

Geez ... some day yesterday ... WOW!... all three teams in the top 30 for the day ... The OGR-24 team gained 5 places and is now in the Top 100 teams (and over 200K) (It was number 3 in the world for the second day in a row). The OGR-25 team entered the Top 750 (we just broke into the Top 1000 a couple of weeks ago ... ).


LinearA passes 35K in OGR-24

Radar passes 610K in OGR-25
LinearA passes 80K in OGR-25
Terminator passes 80K in RC5-72

LinearA passes 60K in RC5-72
Nanobot passes 55K in RC5-72
Radar passes 20K in RC5-72

LinearA enters the top 1000 in OGR-24
LinearA number 5 in the world yesterday in OGR-24

The Team entered the Top 100 in OGR-24

Team Ranking
OGR-24 - 99 (+5)
OGR-25 - 743 (+48)
RC5-72 - 67 (+1)

Team Scores
OGR-24 - 202589 (+11388) (3 yesterday)
OGR-25 - 831029 (+52455) (21 yesterday)
RC5-72 - 336847 (+8280) (26 yesterday)

Target Tracking Data
OGR-24 Total: 9355 (nc) Gap: +193234 (+11388)
OGR-25 Total: 2775190 (nc) Gap: -1944161 (+52455)
RC5-72 Total: 323094 (+5753) Gap: +13753 (+2527)

Next Target
OGR-24 - University of Idaho Distributed Research Group Total: 203574 (New target) Gap: -985
OGR-25 - Team Bumba Din Total: 834541 (New target) Gap: -3512
RC5-72 - Total: 339376 (New target) Gap: -2529

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Old 29th April 2003, 08:10 PM
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That's brilliant news, 10 - thanks for that.

Well done to everyone - I've even managed to squeeze in some inbetween our battle in Genome.
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