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Old 25th October 2002, 10:40 PM
greggx101 greggx101 is offline
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Help needed, cant change CPU speed...

Just got a new XP1800, abit KT333 and 128Mb PC2600

So I bolted it all together, turned it on and it boots with the default CPU speed (1050 i think) but when i go into the bios and change the CPU speed to 1500 hit save and exit it reboots but doesnt come back up.
I have to clear the CMOS with the jumper so it comes up again.

Any ideas

Sorry the PC is at my mates house so I cant give you any more info.

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Old 25th October 2002, 10:59 PM
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Make sure you got everything running at the right FSB and multiplier. You can get to 1500 alot of ways other than the correct speeds and that could be what causes the Black screens.

Usually when you overclock a board too high on the FSB and your Vid Card can't handle it is when that happens.
If it's not that then Check the laser etching on the CPU Core to make sure it's the proper speed it's supopsed to be.

If it's defaulting to 1500Mhz then why not leave it instead of trying to change it?
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Old 26th October 2002, 06:33 PM
greggx101 greggx101 is offline
Join Date: Oct 2002
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Thanks for youre help.

When It booted up 1st time it defaulted to 1150Mhz.
I selected 1500 in the BIOS because that is the CPU speed. It took me about half a day to realiize I had to select 1800 for Athlon XP1800 in the Bios. Even though this setting is under the heading "CPU SPEED" why doesnt it say "CPU MODEL NO"
Anyway its fine now.

The morel of this story is....... "RTFM".........

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Old 26th October 2002, 06:50 PM
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Actually the 1800+ runs at 1533, so it could've dropped a penny that 1500 isnt the CPU Mhz speed. Altough why they chose to use model numbers in the _bios_ even...I have no idea...


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Old 27th October 2002, 06:40 PM
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At the top of the Bios page for the Abit, it tells you the model of CPU. re: XP1800
Below that is where you set the Multiplier and FSB. When you set the XP1800 CPU, the details below will go to the correct multiplier and fsb, In this case, 11.5 X 133FSB.

Your XPs Multiplier is locked at 11.5, but now, you can switch from the CPU type, to "User Define" and set the FSB higher than 133. If you allready have PC2700 memory or higher, you can go ahead and experimant with this without getting into the Voltage tweeks.

Be careful!!!! Maybe two points of FSB at a time is recomended.

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