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Old 10th July 2002, 01:38 AM
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"The Trigger Effect"

In the gathering darkness of a cold winter evening on 9 November 1965, just before sixteen minutes and eleven seconds past five o'clock, a small metal cup inside a black rectangular box began slowly to revolve.
The plow, buildings, writing, taxation and astronomy interdependently all connect to bring us the story of BBC's James Burke, of man's dependence on a complex technology; each invention demanding a follow-up; each intellectual and economic advance creating a point of no return. Burke traces the incredible chain of events, the culmination to date, of which allowed Kuwait to make a single leap from ancient Egypt into a modern society in one generation.

In Upper Egypt, host James Burke explains how plowing, building, writing, taxation, and astronomy began and how they became interdependent. Man's present dependence on complex technological networks is illustrated with a reconstruction of the New York City power blackout of 1965. The program ends in Kuwait, the nation which has moved from the technology of ancient Egypt to that of the modern world in a single generation.

how you are dependent on technology and do not think that much about it

network of technology
brakes on cars
New York City - technology island

the black out in New England, particularly New York

suppose the power were gone permanently

can you survive without technology
can you find a farm
can you defend the farm
can you find what to eat
can you plant crops
you need an old fashioned plow
ancient people had problem of climate change to hot & arid around Nile

used plow to feed the people
beginning of civilization
measurement to return land to farmer after annual floods
strong central government
Saudi Arabia and the explosive infusion of technology without understanding it

each invention acts as a trigger for change which produces a new invention

each invention does not come out of thin air - the bits and pieces that are already there come together in the right way

why does it begin 2600 years ago with a touchstone?
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