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Old 10th July 2018, 12:07 AM
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>News< DC Vault Commentary - Tue, Jul 10th

Welcome to your daily report on yesterdays action in the DC Vault

Movers And Shakers:

BOINC@AUSTRALIA has overtaken Team 2ch to take position 28 in the Vault.

CC-Team has overtaken Crunching Family and Team FreeBSD to take position 86 in the Vault.

Minnesota North Stars has overtaken Brony@home and to take position 89 in the Vault.

BOINC@MONACO has overtaken Esperanto and B.C. BOINC to take position 125 in the Vault.

Sap SDN has overtaken Lookers to take position 274 in the Vault.

SAGoons has overtaken USSR to take position 313 in the Vault.

Now lets take a look at what is happening in each of the categories.

Physical Science Projects

Movers And Shakers:

Planet 3DNow! has overtaken Ars Technica to take position 6 in Physical Science Projects. has overtaken TeAm AnandTech to take position 13 in Physical Science Projects.

Portugal@Home has overtaken Canada to take position 27 in Physical Science Projects.

BOINC@Austria has overtaken Team-SciFi to take position 61 in Physical Science Projects.

Charlies Web has overtaken Campana, Argentina to take position 164 in Physical Science Projects.

Biological And Medical Science Projects

Movers And Shakers: has overtaken SETI.USA to take position 1 in Biological And Medical Science Projects.

Team Picard has overtaken Ukraine to take position 28 in Biological And Medical Science Projects.

Center for Inquiry has overtaken Team Art Bell to take position 99 in Biological And Medical Science Projects.

Dresden United has overtaken World Wide S.E.T.I. to take position 180 in Biological And Medical Science Projects.

CC-Team has overtaken Asturias-Team and CoccolocoGroup and Spread Firefox and PitCrew @ PCPitStop and Fujitsu and Icewolves and and Maximum PC Magazine and Alliance Francophone and Team MacOS X and The Tech Report and Pande Lab and EOC Folding@Home Team and Hewlett-Packard and MozillaZine and Team Rage3D and Overclockers Club and SAGoons and p2p-community and SilentPCReview and and Team Lithuania and Apple Computer, Inc. and and The Shroomery and The Team and and Folding For Ancient and GruntvillE.CoM and NCSU Wolfpack and and ADSLgr - Greek aDSL Users and DevFolding and General [M]ayhem and AOA Forums and MSI HQ Red Rockets and nForcersHQ and Team Firefox and and Team PimpRig and Slo-Tech and Project Tweakers and Forums and Sharky Forums and Sudhian Media and pcabusers and and and ForumOC and German Hardware Network and and xlr8yourmac and PC Club Folding@Home Team and Hellas@Folding and Team Takoda and BleedinEdge and ToonTown Central and Team Austech.Info and ElOtroLado and Team and LiquidNinjas and Team Fight and CaRNaGGe and University of West Bohemia and The University of Alabama and Team New Zealand and kcgeek and and Tasmanian Dept of Education and ChicagoGamers and Team White Hot and Team Cancer Killerz and Team Slashdot and Harsha and HED and Teddies and Boinc@Canada and and The Digital Darkroom and poland null-zero team and DPRGI Team Italy and Team Sar Hessen to take position 195 in Biological And Medical Science Projects.

Mathematical Projects

Movers And Shakers:

Team Haiku has overtaken FREE TIBET/ TIBET LIBRE to take position 67 in Mathematical Projects.

BOINC@MONACO has overtaken California State U. Fullerton Physics Dept. and Asturias-Team to take position 120 in Mathematical Projects.

NSSME has overtaken PinoyDC to take position 166 in Mathematical Projects.

Miscellaneous Projects

Movers And Shakers:

Case Western Reserve University has overtaken US-Distributed to take position 169 in Miscellaneous Projects.
Nanobot image courtesy of Tim Fonseca
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