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Old 22nd April 2009, 01:17 AM
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IB...just a quick note...I left Chandler Az. on my quest for Nirvana 8 years ago......I'm sorta torn both ways

1. I'm not a big Prime Project fan...but for grins I'll run them for awhile until a (team) priority comes up
2. I've registered at/read a lot of you home forum; and have a lot of respect for what you guys are trying to accomplish
3. Technically ...if you can fulfill the minimum requirements here at Da-Vault then I'ld tend to vote you in
4. I understand that your desire to be included here is to promote your project; BUT I read in your forum that you want stable sticky members/teams...these groups tend to be, shall we say, mobile!
5. I know I read somewhere how long this Project has been in existence; but I can't remember. I understand you people are going full steam ahead working on getting your own place and furniture

This thread is by no means a declaration, but simply a place state the case; and I comment your tenacity

I have my thoughts and they lean both ways...My advice; stay tenacious and when the time comes...tomorrow or 3 months from now, who knows?
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