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Old 15th March 2018, 03:30 AM
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Well there are lots of Vault projects if YAFU does not fit your hardware then don't run it on your 72 core machine. Use your 72 core machine on Projects where that big punch is helpful.

Bill F
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Old 19th March 2018, 07:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Coleslaw View Post
Anyone else with thoughts and/or ideas?
TN-Grid: The WUs come out in frequent small "batches". I've found that as long as I keep the project preference high and over a 1/2 day cache I have no problem maintaining enough TN-Grid WUs. At any given time I have 8-11 machines running TN-Grid.

Yafu: There are many good strategies to run YAFU if you think about it for a few minutes. The admin has posted information to help. Reading the forum yields results. WU preference in the "Project Preferences" is available. Here's a recent post that may help to strategize:
The difference between all apps is that they run composites with different length:
- yafu small, requires at least 2 cores runs composites up to C109
- yafu, requires at least 2 cores runs composites up to C124
- yafu-4t, requires exactly 4 cores runs composites up to C129
- yafu-8t, requires exactly 8 cores runs composites up to C134
- yafu-16t, requires at least 16 cores runs composites up to C139
- yafu-32t, requires at least 32 cores runs composites up to C144

In the wu name is a _Cxxx_ part which tells the length of the composite.

Yafu tries different methods to factor a composite. For this it also invokes external commands as ecm or gnfs and some parts are done by yafu.exe itself.

There are also some phases which can be done only single threaded.
Machines with a lot of cores will give the highest RAC. I wish that I had a 72 core box to use for YAFU!
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