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Old 17th April 2014, 11:53 PM
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VitoredeHolland, thank you for your input. It certainly reflects some of the issues I have been bringing up behind the scenes here and elsewhere lately. Rusty is also looking at getting more Admins here and I have started to go to some teams to see who is potentially interested in the job. My personal goal has been to bring new life to the Vault and I feel changes are needed to accomplish that. If you would, please post in your teams forums of potentially interested candidates. Last I spoke with Rusty, he didn't want more than one admin from a single team. I don't know how many he is looking for, but I have started to collect various names and am relaying them to him. Whomever on your team is interested at this potential title, please have them make an account here (if they haven't already) and either contact Rusty directly or even myself if they would like. I also have another thread open at a couple different team forums and also have one at my teams forums discussing our efforts. I can be contacted here, or at my teams forums if you have accounts made.

To clarify, my previous points on Leiden are more in the realm of not knowing what you are crunching. GPUGrid is more open with what you crunch. My points about the project were not in regards to published papers. The admin at Leiden also has a personal side project he does when there is no other work. Until just recently, he gave no details even when I asked on what that project was. Now he has explained it.

I think the big concern with PSP that was recently brought up wasn't the difficulty of the client but rather the headache one must go through to get work units. There is no guarantee work will be offered outside of PrimeGrid and you must email the admin in order to request access to work each time. The answer most people will go with is to just run PrimeGrid where there are none of those headaches and the client is super easy and well documented with a very active forum.

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Old 18th April 2014, 06:51 PM
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There have been a lot of good points brought up in this discussion. My biggest concern is the inclusion of projects with a track record of not supplying a constant stream of work to crunch. I am aware there are times when projects run out of work or just have a small amount available. It happens and that is not my concern. What concerns me is when a project goes three months or longer with just a trickle of work to be crunched. Its hard to run a race when part of the race track disappears or narrows down to just a single lane causing a pile up of racers trying to get into it.

For example, The Lattice Project has had very little work to go around. Looking at their web page it shows the current server status as the following.

Results ready to send: 0
Results in progress: 131

This has been pretty common over the last several months for The Lattice Project. The same can be said for RNA World. Yes there is a small amount of work getting through but its not enough to allow any teams to make a impact on their Vault standings thus taking any chance having a meaningful competition. Those two projects were just an example. One of the projects I suggested be added to the Vault is having similar problems with a lack of work. However in the case of Mind Modeling it has not been a on going problem for near as long as Lattice and RNA. Plus Mind Modeling has had work available as recent as last week, the only problem was that it was Linux only. If the situation continues I will withdraw my support of getting Mind Modeling added to the Vault.
Old 20th April 2014, 11:52 PM
Coleslaw Coleslaw is offline
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I don't mind if it is Linux only work. Anyone can set up a Virtual Machine for free and use a Linux distro to crunch the work units. So if there is enough work to go around, I'm fine with that. It just needs to have available work for all. I actually think it is best if the project scientists just use the virtualbox wrapper like RNA, Climate, & Test4Theory do.
Old 21st April 2014, 01:12 AM
Khali Khali is offline
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Just a update, it seems like Mind Modeling has ran out of Linux work as well. I'm not really sure what is going on with them right now.
Old 21st April 2014, 08:29 AM
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Closed until further notice.

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