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Old 10th March 2010, 08:50 PM
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Process for the removal of Projects

Process for the removal of Projects

(Active Projects switches to invite only, shutting down, only allowing participants from one country/region, no longer offering parseable stats or very unlikely now a keylogger)

1. Thread has been opened in the open forum(Problems and Suggestions) regarding a projects inactivity(by admin or DC community)
2. Thread should be opened in the Admin section for us to talk about(first admin to see it)
3. Post a summary of our chat in the open forum thread(quotes from emailing the project admin etc)
4. Move the thread from Problems and Suggestions to Project Removal(once it has been moved, we can safely say 14 days from this time)
4a. Create a POLL(if needed)
5. Leave it or deactivate it..

Any active project which no longer adheres to these rules will be removed by following the above removal process.


If a project fails for some reason or is suddenly unreachable.

IF "they"(the admin/owner/MOD) post on their forum(links provided) or post via the news feed(links provided), email(Vault admin or a Cruncher[providing that user can produce a forwarded copy of that email]) that they have had major hardware failure(for example).. Then we will allow them the time to rectify the said problem. Providing they keep users up to date about the progression on the problem.

IF "they"(the admin/owner/MOD) do NOT post on their forum or post via the news feed or return any email messages regarding the downtime/failure, (regardless of who it is Vault admin or a Cruncher[providing that user can produce a forwarded copy of that email or a link to a thread created]), then the "project" will have 14 days(after movement to the Project Removal forum) to rectify or reply, post etc

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