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Old 15th May 2002, 10:47 PM
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Electronic makers agree on next gen DVD format

The nine giants of the electronic consumer world agreed Tuesday on the next generation DVD format. The format will hold 27 gigabytes on a single layered DVD which is more than six times the amount today. It will of course be perfect for HD (High Definition) recording and playing. We see the agreement as very good thing for the DVD market because it minimize the format confusion we are used to and it's a signal of the strength of DVD and should secure it for years to come.

The nine companies are:
Sony, Matsush ita (Panasonic), Philips Electronics, Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Thomson Multimedia, Hitachi, Pioneer and Sharp.

We can only wish good luck to JVC and their D-VHS which now looks even more as a already dead format.More here
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