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Old 15th September 2018, 01:08 AM
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>News< DC Vault Commentary - Sat, Sep 15th

Welcome to your daily report on yesterdays action in the DC Vault

Movers And Shakers:

BOINC@Denmark has overtaken Catalunya to take position 39 in the Vault.

South Africa has overtaken BOINC@MIXI to take position 63 in the Vault.

Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science has overtaken Space Family to take position 80 in the Vault.

Overclockers Australia has overtaken Ubuntu Linux and PC Perspective Killer Frogs and PrimeSearchTeam and Universe Examiners and Turk Seti Team to take position 96 in the Vault.

Now lets take a look at what is happening in each of the categories.

Physical Science Projects

Movers And Shakers:

TeAm AnandTech has overtaken Gridcoin to take position 10 in Physical Science Projects.

Team Norway has overtaken BOINC Synergy to take position 30 in Physical Science Projects.

Team MacNN has overtaken Minnesota North Stars to take position 79 in Physical Science Projects.

SETI@China has overtaken Team Australia to take position 225 in Physical Science Projects.

Biological And Medical Science Projects

Movers And Shakers:

Free-DC has overtaken BOINC@AUSTRALIA to take position 13 in Biological And Medical Science Projects. has overtaken BOINC@AUSTRALIA and Gridcoin to take position 14 in Biological And Medical Science Projects.

Gridcoin has overtaken BOINC@AUSTRALIA to take position 15 in Biological And Medical Science Projects.

Quebec has overtaken to take position 61 in Biological And Medical Science Projects.

Portugal has overtaken Aggie The Pew to take position 162 in Biological And Medical Science Projects.

Mathematical Projects

Movers And Shakers: has overtaken BOINC@MIXI to take position 61 in Mathematical Projects. has overtaken SeriousCrunchers to take position 103 in Mathematical Projects.

HKEPC has overtaken Spreewald to take position 193 in Mathematical Projects.

Miscellaneous Projects

Movers And Shakers:

Russia Team has overtaken Team Norway to take position 24 in Miscellaneous Projects.

Overclockers Australia has overtaken Australia and NSSME and Center for Inquiry and France Initiativ and and FaDBeens and Norway DC and Minnesota North Stars and Universe Examiners and Shirdi Ke Sai Baba and Team Art Bell and Sun Microsystems and Providence Christian School and Easynews and China Team and Decrypthon and Clubic and Team Slashdot and Team Andrax and Dinosaur Comics - qwantz dot com and Fansub for Research and Sweden and IBM Web Innovators and Friends and Vulture Central and The PCReview Crew and Greece and Team Singapore and Denmark and Lookers and IBM France and HRC and Homebrewers and Mexico Team and and Teddies and The Possums and Nebula Dynamics and Arizona State University and Cancer Fighters and and Michigan State University and UDGermany and United Kingdom and Team Canada and Eastman Kodak Company and Daily Kos and Wristshakers and University of Washington and Team Iowa and Case Western Reserve University and US-Distributed and Xtrem Team Boinc Addicted and Erster Kontakt and World Wide S.E.T.I. and INTP and Maximum PC Magazine and and Boinc-Polska and Bodensee-Team and x64 and Team Sar Hessen and and and The Clangers and TeamZer0 and dcf and Fujitsu and IBM - Hungary and The Assimilated and ARDECHE and Maidenbower and Farejadores - Brasil and Boinc@Canada and SABU and Forum Hardware.FR Team and Bangkok Crunching Team and Northern Lights and We eat pie not count Pi and and nForcersHQ and Catholics and Team Firefox and Tibetan Antelope and Team Evo and Team Elder Scrolls and BOINC@Hull and Charlies Web and SpaceCat Station and Team Fight and El Forro and NGI - Net Gamers Italy and Team Tuskyhe (Tuskegee, Macon county, Alabama Provence) and Terrene Bell and Langjengen and Spread Firefox and and and PC Perspective Killer Frogs and Gsm-Free and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Grid Spike and Team France and ItalianSciFi and Nordrhein-Westfalen and Asturias-Team and B.C. BOINC and Gasbuddy and StarGate and Symbion and claude et nele and CONRAD-HOTEL de Ville MUENCHEN and Team Fuzion and DarkSideDC and Hypography and WiW-Berlin and Sap SDN to take position 120 in Miscellaneous Projects.
Nanobot image courtesy of Tim Fonseca
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