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Old 27th April 2006, 11:13 AM
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Steps for Project Addition

{EDITED} I have decided to add a few steps in to the Projects addition to the Vault..

So we have come up with the addition steps.
  • Notification: Somebody points out a project(anyone);
  • Research: read on the forum/www and Post about it;
  • Report: This is where The Vault admin share information;
  • Permission: Ask the Project Administration if they see any problems with the project beening added to the DC-Vault(Vault Admin);
  • Testing Phase: Multiple people from multiple teams test for a week to few weeks;
  • Addison: If the project is suitable it will be added when time allows.
Notification, You can post about it, email Rag's or Rusty(Me)..PM, international freight, what you feel comfortable with...

Research, After a Thread is opened about the project, The Vault admin will have a read of forums etc. But that doesn't stop you form providing info you know of, so post it...

Permission, This is a step for the Vault Admin, we will ask a few question of the Project admin.

The testing phase, Now what we will be asking is if you wanna help get the project into the Vault, then help test it.. I thought about asking the Ninjas to form a 'Tester Team' but it was decided that, it might seem like Team Ninja was taking advantage and just a totally bad idea. So you crunch for your current team and report to the Vault forum with uptime and downtime etc.

Please post any questions..

Thanks for taking the time to read

Rusty, Rag's, Nano
Vault Admin

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