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This is a very different project for the BOINC community. The work units are actually "dummy" work units in that the real work is constantly being processed and sent back to their servers. So, even if the work unit "fails" it may still have tons of credit because the completed work was already "trickled" up. They have adjusted the trickle time frame a few times between every 15 minutes and 1 hour. So, the run time duration doesn't matter for completion. It does affect how other projects are managed by the client. Most of the major issues have been ironed out. Last I looked they were finishing up with choosing how the scoring would be after things settle. Earlier "testers" receive a lot more credit for their contributions than future donors will receive. The admin seems very active to respond as many are in their projects earlier days. They also have a non-BOINC client/application. So, don't confuse the two if you go to the project looking for guidance.
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