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Originally Posted by alexc View Post
If I wanted to make money I'd definately do something else - probably programming apps for iPhone: much easier, and far more likely to turn up a profit

Our commercial side actually makes data publicly available - you can verify your site and get data for free: - this search engine is public, it actually helps our project have better relationships with webmasters and providing them free alternative to Google.

Google earns money by having ads - we don't do that and we can't do that because it requires first to build highly competitive search engine to gain real user traffic.

While MJ12 may end up making a profit (right now all revenues are reinvested into hardware and R&D) due to the fact that we allocated substantial number of shares to the entity (Distributed Computing Partners) that will be owned by project members it means that effectively they became shareholders: I don't think there is any other distributed project that does something like it.

I appreciate that our project won't satisfy everyone - I don't know what I could do better than what I've done so far: Google has got 1000 times more resources than us in pretty much every aspect, we are already handicapped in a very big way.
I'm not sure I have the bandwidth to support you and yours personally (with the # of machines running the # of projects/WU's , I have running on a single IP). As for myself, I appreciate your candor ....should Majestic come under fire you can be assured I'll fight for you. You've made a public declaration and announcement, you are statesman enough to address us on our own turf; for these things I salute you and will support your endeavor as best I can...

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