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Originally Posted by opyrt View Post
I'm struggeling to see any benefit from this change... Anyone care to enlighten me?
if it is not just a change in the inclusion rules, but also a possible reason for removal, it will prevent older projects, that almost everyone has lost interest in, to be dominating the Vault score. Like the original Eon, for instance, where not many teams participated, and also the scoring changed dramatically at some point. It had about 50 teams or so, giving about 200 points per position gained, and with the degraded scoring (100-fold and more) there was NO way for new(ish) teams to get anywhere near the top, no matter the number of PC's used. This caused the early adopters of the project to hold several thousand Vault-points advantage with no effort.

Things like this could cause teams to lose interest in the Vault, simply because there's no real incentive in adding power to certain projects to gain a few points if there are projects where hundreds of points are given for a single position gain, but with a grand canyon of difference in points to the next higher team.

There are ways to overcome this, and this topic suggests one of them. Another possibility would be to adjust the points range for the Vault (0-10000) for the smaller projects, i.e. if less than 100 teams compete, set the maximum score to (#teams * 100). Or, as I suggested before, calculate the Vault score over a team's top-30 projects (allowing a team to ignore 5 projects they dislike for whatever reason whilst still staying competitive in DC-Vault).
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