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Distributed Computing Hall Of Fame

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Yesterdays Top Producers
Project Name Units
Einstein@Home Hawkeye
Folding@Home Hawkeye 1,113,622.000
MilkyWay@Home Fizban 642.000
POEM@Home Fizban 9,000.000
Rosetta@Home r9brian 3,197.000
RC5-72 Janus7 32,123.000
Seti Boinc r9brian 9,926.000
World Community Grid DATA 61,377.000
yoyo@home Fizban 1,155.180
Yesterdays Top Stompers
No stomps reported
Last Weeks Top Producers
Project Name Units
Cosmology@Home Fizban 5,040.000
Einstein@Home Hawkeye 130,867.000
Folding@Home Hawkeye 5,496,691.000
MilkyWay@Home Fizban 1,871.000
POEM@Home Fizban 9,100.000
Rosetta@Home Fizban 9,003.000
RC5-72 Janus7 170,576.000
Seti Boinc r9brian 76,938.000
World Community Grid DATA 429,621.000
yoyo@home Fizban 6,534.620
Last Weeks Top Stompers
Project Name Stomps
POEM@Home Fizban 1
Rosetta@Home Rusty 1
Seti Boinc 2
Last Months Top Producers
Project Name Units
Cosmology@Home Fizban 2,940.000
Einstein@Home Hawkeye 832,361.000
Folding@Home Miles 3,089,867.000
MilkyWay@Home Fizban 9,380.000
Rosetta@Home Fizban 204,445.000
RC5-72 Janus7 507,291.000
Seti Boinc r9brian 318,827.000
World Community Grid DATA 2,532,288.000
yoyo@home Fizban 2,655.670
Last Months Top Stompers
Project Name Stomps
Folding@Home Arian 1
Rosetta@Home Rusty 5
Seti Boinc 4

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