View Full Version : Dazed and confused...

20th February 2002, 03:53 PM
So, I'm thinking of heading off around the world, right? Taking off and saying SAYONARA to this grime-pit :xpuke:that is London, except... which bike do I go for..?

My inclinations at the moment include:

A: HONDA TRANSALP - solid, good-looking, but maybe not as sturdy as might be necessary, what with the Himalayas being on the checklist...

B: AFRICA TWIN - big, rugged, but what's that I hear about a lack of power-to-weight ratio..?

C: KTM 640 ADVENTURER - arguably the business, but not a case of overkill..? It's only one step down from the Dakar bikes afterall.

Any thoughts or alternative recommendations would be greatly appreciated! :D

21st February 2002, 02:32 AM
wellid look into a bike that you can get parts for it quicker (in case you need a part asap)

so i would say a honda for now !