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25th November 2001, 11:39 PM
All you radiator users out there ..... (and others) ...

When I got my Vapochill I decided to slap an extra 120mm fan on the condenser part of it (condenser = basically a radiator that cools the refridgerent). I did this and of course the noise went up, but thats to be expected.
Well I'm sick of the noise now :) ... so I've been trying to quieten my case a bit ... part of this idea, is to move the second 120mm fan back away from the condenser (the condenser is inside at the back of the case, the second fan screws on the outside of the case).
It has occured to me that the fan is so noisey because its spinning very close to lots of little aluminium fins ... then THAT made think "if its that close to the condenser, how does the air have a chance to get any forward motion ... wouldn't it just blow ACROSS the fins not down in to them?" :confused: I removed the fan, so far my temps haven't changed ... the internal fan is still doing all the work ... the second fan hadn't being doing anything!!! So what do ya reckon?
My theory is that the air was just being blown across the condenser, because the fan was too close to give the air a chance to be "blown" forward. Whether making a kind of "wind box" to stand the fan off from the condenser will make a difference, I dunno. But I would like to hear your thoughts on it :)

P.S. I'm making one anyway ... for the noise control, if not the airflow (kinda one in the same). I'll let ya all know if I make any amazing discoveries :D

30th November 2001, 02:48 AM

ANyone? Opinions?

Mr Evil
30th November 2001, 03:19 AM
So you had an arrangement like this?


30th November 2001, 07:25 AM
i think the wind box arrangement would work... they use a similer system on my old alpha heatsink they use a little box to lift the fan away from the fins

2nd December 2001, 09:16 PM
Mr Evil: Yep thats how it is. Fans screwed into both sides of the condenser (blowing in the same direction of course).

The box is almost complete .. it's only about 50mm deep ... should be enough though.

17th December 2001, 11:50 PM
Well I finally got this box thingy fitted.
Noise level is definately down! :)
Also it has stablised my temps!! :D
For some reason, @ 1785mhz, Red Faction was causing my system to overheat and shut down (after about 5-6mins). Yet Prime 95 would run fine for as long as I liked :confused:

Now I can play Red Faction (or anything else for that matter), with my Vapochill temp not going above -2*C (it cuts power to the mobo/CPU at about 5*C). And that is in a rather warm room (its getting on to summer over here and getting hot and muggy already .... when its not raining that is).

I guess it worked :) ... I will try to post a pic at some point.

18th December 2001, 04:35 PM
sweet.. glad that worked :)

7th January 2002, 07:01 PM
Heres a couple of small pics of the "fan box" incase anyones interested :P
(120mmx120mmx38mm - Panaflo Low Noise Fan + Filter)
Box is riveted sheetmetal, 120x120x50mm.

7th January 2002, 07:57 PM
good work, you've speant some time on that