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10th July 2007, 02:49 AM

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Tuesday the 10th of July 2007

The team has a total of 10,832,064 cobblestones, an increase of 11,048 cobblestones
The team position is 103 of 49,184 teams.

The team recent credit is 10,876 cobblestones, a decrease of 20 cobblestones
The team recent credit position is 186 of 40,696 teams (who have recent credit).

Stompage Report:

DOCTOR WHO has :stomp:ed Fizban to take position 3 in the Team Ninja ranks. :stomp: (Nice f00t-work Doc)

Most active members (by recent production):

1. Hogward - 3,395 cobblestones
2. Farley - 2,498 cobblestones
3. DOCTOR WHO - 1,863 cobblestones
4. Fizban - 1,062 cobblestones
5. Universalhat - 790 cobblestones
6. Tgoshinski - 660 cobblestones
7. Eddy Valdes - 225 cobblestones
8. Hans Arne Iversen - 178 cobblestones
9. jema - 132 cobblestones
10. Gadreel Ravenstar - 120 cobblestones

Most active members (by yesterdays production):

Gaseous Matter
No activity

Space Dust
No activity

No activity

No activity

No activity

Redline Ninja with 124.09 cobblestones - :thumbsup:

No activity

Red Giant
Tgoshinski with 723.86 cobblestones - :wave:

Super Giant
Hans Arne Iversen with 202.35 cobblestones - :beep:

Black Hole
DOCTOR WHO with 2,199.70 cobblestones - :worship:

The Continuum
Farley with 2,990.98 cobblestones - :thud:

The Delta Quadrant
Hogward with 4,412.33 cobblestones - :thud: :thud:

Ranking System
Gaseous Matter: 0 - 299 Cobblestones
Space Dust: 300 - 1,499 Cobblestones
Asteroid: 1,500 - 2,999 Cobblestones
Comet: 3,000 - 7,499 Cobblestones
Mars: 7,500 - 14,999 Cobblestones
Jupiter: 15,000 - 29,999 Cobblestones
Stellar: 30,000 - 74,999 Cobblestones
Red Giant: 75,000 - 149,999 Cobblestones
Super Giant: 150,000 - 299,999 Cobblestones
Black Hole: 300,000 - 749,999 Cobblestones
The Continuum: 750,000 - 4,999,999 Cobblestones
The Delta Quadrant: 5,000,000 and up

To see where you stand in our Team rankings, look HERE (http://www.team-ninja.com/vbulletin/dc_stats.php?project=setib).
To see the Official Rankings, look HERE (http://setiathome.berkeley.edu/team_display.php?teamid=30236&sort_by=total_credit&offset=0) (Sorted By total credit)

The Doctor
10th July 2007, 03:10 AM
:) hmmm, I just checked... sorry about that Fizzie... at least I did not have to turn on any more boxes, its been in the 90's here [fahreheit]...

I gotta turn some more boxes off, my last e- bill was double what it normally is....

Go Fizzie, kick them rockets in..!!!! ;)

Thanks Rusty :bow: ---doc :magic:

10th July 2007, 11:27 AM
Awesome footwork there Doc! :soldier: :soldier:

10th July 2007, 11:41 AM
Thanks Rusty!!

Nice stomage Doc.... Come get me. ;)

10th July 2007, 12:48 PM
lol Farley :cool: Doc, nice work, I've been using the works laptop to keep you off my tail (delayed it by a week....) My Attic is real hot, one of my machines overheated yesterday, so it's time to cool it :p

Have a good day all !

The Doctor
10th July 2007, 01:41 PM
:) ..thanks Farley = you are safe from me mate = I'd have to turn on all of my boxes just to catch you = that would just cost me too much in $$$ for electricity... I've got both a/c units eating $$$ keeping me cool in this 95 degree heat... so I'll be shutting things down now, for the summer, hence Fizzie may pass sooner, than later ;)

Hey Fizzie, thanks man :nod: you deserve recognition for putting all of your efforts & time, fighting the good fight :) ... there are few in our club that have done as much as you mate, to produce as many w00ts as you have and continue to do... as mentioned above, you may be able to pass me, as I shut things down for the dog-days of summer... "drive-on..."

Really, anyone WHO has crunched a single w00t for our club, deserves a note of thanks from the team... you mates make it happen --- doc :magic:

10th July 2007, 03:24 PM
Excellent f00twork, Doc. I see those size 13-14 hobnail jackboots can still get the job done. :spot: :xparty: :woot: