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22nd April 2006, 01:58 AM
Hello, and welcome to the Team Ninja Daily Blat, your source for news that counts!

The team has a total of 3,647,096 cobblestones, an increase of 40,466 cobblestones

The team position is 121 of 38,881 teams.

The team recent credit is 37,206 cobblestones, an increase of 332 cobblestones

The team recent credit position is 49 of 38,739 teams (who have recent credit), moving down 1 places.

Go, Team Ninja, Go!! :ninja: :kick: :booty:

Stompage Report:

N.V.M. has :stomp:ed Codfish_II to take position 8 in the Team Ninja ranks.
StoneGnome has :stomp:ed Tgoshinski and Meadmaker to take position 10 in the Team Ninja ranks.

Most active members (by recent production):

1. Hogward - 21,534 cobblestones
2. Farley - 6,076 cobblestones
3. N.V.M. - 2,659 cobblestones
4. Fizban - 1,738 cobblestones
5. Ragnarog - 1,173 cobblestones
6. StoneGnome - 1,005 cobblestones

Most active members (by yesterdays production):

Gaseous Matter
No activity

Space Dust
No activity

kitcat with 127.14 cobblestones

Monkeymia with 35.51 cobblestones

No activity

No activity

N.V.M. with 4,023.27 cobblestones

Red Giant
Eddy Valdes with 354.76 cobblestones

Super Giant
Fizban with 1,433.49 cobblestones

Black Hole
Farley with 6,312.84 cobblestones

The Continuum
Hogward with 23,655.78 cobblestones

Author's Note:

To see where you stand in our Team rankings, look HERE (http://www.team-ninja.com/vbulletin/dc_stats.php?project=setib).

Respectfully submitted by: Hogward

22nd April 2006, 02:25 AM
wtg, TN'ers! great to see SG pick it up, wow. :)

hey Hans, hullo there! :D

thanks for the post Hog, i never realized you knew the color codes so well. :spinny:

22nd April 2006, 03:07 AM
thanks for the post Hog, i never realized you knew the color codes so well. :spinny:

Who? Me? :whistle:

22nd April 2006, 12:49 PM
:lol: that last post must be a half page long in edit mode.

Nice stompage Mike! :thumbsup: I'll bring the lemon. Codfish, I'll bring some macuricrome :mg:


Thanks for the report Hog. :D