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1st February 2006, 03:15 AM
Team Ninja - The Next Generation, daily commentary for Wednesday the 1st of February 2006

Hello, and welcome to the Team Ninja Daily Blat, your source for news that counts!

The team has a total of 1,088,703 cobblestones, an increase of 54,007 cobblestones

The team position is 300 of 35,461 teams, moving up 17 places :woot:

The team recent credit is 21,564 cobblestones, an increase of 1,127 cobblestones

The team recent credit position is 62 of 35,304 teams (who have recent credit), moving up 2 places :clap:

Go, Team Ninja, Go!! :cheerldr: :bouncy: :crowd:

Stompage Report:

Hans Arne Iversen has :stomp:ed wombat to take position 8 in the Team Ninja ranks.
russkris has :stomp:ed DecepticonSSofa to take position 14 in the Team Ninja ranks.
nihilist has :stomp:ed DecepticonSSofa and Yosey and CrackDaddy to take position 15 in the Team Ninja ranks.

StompMaster: Awarded to LinearB for the fine triple entrechat all over his less agile m8s!! Well done to the nihilistic one... :D :clap:

Most active members (by recent production):

1. Hogward - 9,924 cobblestones
2. Farley - 4,722 cobblestones
3. Fizban - 1,729 cobblestones
4. Meadmaker - 768 cobblestones
5. russkris - 669 cobblestones
6. nihilist - 663 cobblestones

Most active members (by yesterdays production):

Gaseous Matter
No activity

Space Dust
Fallguy with 32.41 cobblestones

Marc with 48.87 cobblestones

TGC II with 15.76 cobblestones

nihilist with 1,508.08 cobblestones

Hans Arne Iversen with 633.02 cobblestones

Meadmaker with 662.37 cobblestones

Red Giant
Farley with 5,366.49 cobblestones

Super Giant
No activity

Black Hole
Hogward with 9,369.88 cobblestones

Author's Note:

To see where you stand in our Team rankings, look HERE (http://www.team-ninja.com/vbulletin/dc_stats.php?project=setib).

Respectfully submitted by: Hogward :crazy: :cowboy: :ninja:

1st February 2006, 06:33 AM
Thanks for the award HtE it and the report are appreciated.

Can't stop though, something keeps biting my heels :D

1st February 2006, 09:04 AM
U called me a something...... Well I never :cunning:


1st February 2006, 11:51 AM
Thanks for the reportage Hog!!