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13th July 2005, 12:05 AM
17 Or Bust

Yesterday the team produced 1,480,000,000,000 units

Movers and stompers:-

Nooms moved up 1 to position 22 stomping Meady

And here are the teams crunchers:-

kitcat produced 840,000,000,000 units
Sionnagh produced 170,000,000,000 units
kais produced 130,000,000,000 units
Fa11guy produced 80,000,000,000 units
Nooms produced 60,000,000,000 units
Gunslinger produced 60,000,000,000 units
Farley produced 40,000,000,000 units
CrackDaddy produced 40,000,000,000 units
Q produced 30,000,000,000 units
SDC produced 30,000,000,000 units


Yesterday the team produced 2,542 units

And here are the teams crunchers:-

kitcat produced 1,004 units
wylie produced 563 units
northvanmike produced 514 units
Patrick Parker produced 426 units
ozlink@gmail.com produced 30 units
Sionnagh produced 5 units


Yesterday the team produced 1,136 units

And here are the teams crunchers:-

Farley produced 409 units
northvanmike produced 192 units
Coop-Mart Sub Team produced 184 units
wylie produced 142 units
Patrick Parker produced 99 units
Cooptron produced 73 units
Sionnagh produced 24 units
ozlink@gmail.com produced 12 units
kitcat produced 1 units