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30th June 2005, 12:04 AM

Yesterday the team produced 1,686,016.5 units

And here are the teams crunchers:-

[Team Ninja]PenDragon produced 1,288,179.2 units
[Team Ninja]Farley produced 130,181.1 units
[Team Ninja]Ragnarog produced 114,527.5 units
[Team Ninja]russkris produced 48,586.2 units
[Team Ninja] Miles produced 42,703.2 units
[Team Ninja]wylie produced 17,048.2 units
[Team Ninja]ozlink produced 14,852.7 units
[Team Ninja]Sionnagh produced 12,169.2 units
[Team Ninja] Hawk.P.N produced 9,440.4 units
[Team Ninja]Kitcat produced 7,870.4 units
[Team Ninja]solarflare produced 458.4 units


Yesterday the team produced 616 units

And here are the teams crunchers:-

wylie produced 522 units
Gunslinger produced 94 units