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21st April 2005, 12:04 AM
17 Or Bust

Yesterday the team produced 1,300,000,000,000 units

And here are the teams crunchers:-

kitcat produced 660,000,000,000 units
Q produced 350,000,000,000 units
wylie produced 140,000,000,000 units
CrackDaddy produced 60,000,000,000 units
Farley produced 30,000,000,000 units
SDC produced 20,000,000,000 units
Gunslinger produced 20,000,000,000 units
kais produced 10,000,000,000 units
Sionnagh produced 10,000,000,000 units


Yesterday the team produced 26,987 units

And here are the teams crunchers:-

kitcat produced 11,027 units
Hawkeye produced 4,994 units
Ragnarog produced 3,500 units
northvanmike produced 2,386 units
Vinovia produced 1,583 units
wylie produced 1,551 units
Patrick Parker produced 1,041 units
LinearA [Team Ninja] produced 413 units
ozlink@gmail.com produced 324 units
Sionnagh produced 168 units


Yesterday the team produced 3,232 units

And here are the teams crunchers:-

Coop-Mart Sub Team produced 1,146 units
kitcat produced 697 units
LinearA [Team Ninja] produced 500 units
Farley produced 228 units
wylie produced 175 units
Ragnarog produced 168 units
Patrick Parker produced 100 units
Cooptron produced 74 units
jmartin@jc.edu produced 69 units
ozlink@gmail.com produced 40 units
northvanmike produced 24 units
Sionnagh produced 10 units
CrackDaddy produced 1 units