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12th December 2004, 09:33 AM

So, the other day, I saw a Rav4 and I thought, "Oh yeah, Chelle was looking at those," so I looked it over as I drove by. Little did I know...

So, I decide to pull into the store to pick up some hard apple cider on the way to the folks. Funny thing is, is I was trying to decide between that and some good gin. I picked the cider. Then, I was looking for parking spots, and lady started to pull out of a spot smack-dab in front of the store. I mean, this parking lot there are 45-50 cars worth of people in the store, and only about 25 spaces in teh lot, so everyone has to park on the street, even blocks away, especially during rush hour. So it was very odd to find the closest spot suddenly open. So, I pull in and park next to what? A Rav4.

Then, the next night, I go out to see Blade 2. I get to the theatre, and saw lots of cars and thought, "Oh no, there will be no spaces." Sure enough, I swing into the closest space to the door and what do I park next to? Rav4...

Now, this is really the best of all: Today, I had to mail my check for my cc bill in the mail. I was playing with the cat, and I forgot it. So, I got all the way to the post office, and realized I forgot it, and had to drive all the way back to the post office. There was only 1 spot open near the door, and I pulled in. Guess what I parked next to? Rav4. Odd, because if I had remember my check in the first place, I would not have parked next to one. So, like the last 3 places I've gone to, I've parked next to Rav4's. And although I may have seen one or two in town before, since like Thursday I've seen about 20 besides those three. :D

(The newer body style model is way better looking to, fyi, so if you are waiting a couple years and can pick one of those up instead bling bling!! :D )

I always seem to notice coincidences like this; I don't know if that makes them actual coincidences or not, but the fact that I didn't really pick any of the spots to park in, but they were just chance, is kinda odd. :o


12th December 2004, 04:18 PM
LOL, that's funny :D I've been seeing a whole lot more of them around now too since I decided I want one, lol. I was behind a couple at red lights yesterday, and behind another one in a drive-thu last night.

The new style is definitely sweeter! :nod: I was behind a new one, kind of maroon in colour, very pretty. It was the "Chili Edition", ironically available only in Canada :p That's what I want!