View Full Version : Another DFI story

19th January 2004, 10:28 PM
now running as per sig, the Mushkin stuffs really likes AMD systems.

so far, i have not had a hiccup, slowly took her up to 245FSB, timings are SPD, 2.5, 3,3,8 as per CPU Z, not bad. Vdimm is set @3.0, prolly could go less.

haven't gone higher with the FSB, kinda enjoying what is happening now.

too bad the BH-5 stuffs is out of production. if you can get your hands on some of this ramski for your AMD rig, it will reward you big time.

tickle me, i still don't believe it.

hey, i went from an everyday 235 FSB max to 245 so far. i have two friends that hit a wall @260 with the same ram and M/B, but for all practical purposes 250 FSB was the highest with stability.