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24th December 2003, 04:56 PM
>News< Commentary for Tuesday, December 23rd

Hello, and welcome to Team Ninja's daily blat, your home for news that counts!

Team RUSSIA is pulling away from Team Ninja despite good crunching on our part. While Tuesday was a productive day for us, RUSSIA had a better crunch day and widened the gap separating us. Despite being the underdog, however, Team Ninja has what it takes to get the job done! We will continue pouring the dilithium crystals into the warp drive, and await our opportunity to break out the huge and hairy dreaded Waldo f00t to put on their neck!

Some of our m8's are caching their work using a program like SetiDriver or by using Ragnarog's or Meady's setiqueue, both of which are set to cache output. We want to hold output between now and New Year's Day, then dump at once to "shock and awe" our opponents.

For those who want to help in this effort, make sure you either set your personal cache(s) on hold for 8 days or direct all your output to one of the two team Q's.

At days end Tuesday, long range sensor scans showed Team RUSSIA as being some 13,604 w00ts distant and maintaining a higher warp than we can achieve. We still hope that the ruse of decreased apparent production will lull the Russian team into complacent crunching, so we can make up some of the gap with a HUGE New Year's Day dump!

The Navigator's evening report for Tuesday showed us in 86th place with a final mark of 786,442 and 964 returned for the day. Ever onwards and upwards, Ninjas!

Special congratulations to Bob Young @ work on attaining 53 CPU years of crunching SETI! Nice showing, Bob! :clap:

Milestones: none attained on this day, but watch here tomorrow!

Promotions: no promotions on this day

STOMP report: KuDvAyNe :stomp:ed Hans Arne Iversen to take 37th place in Stellar league! Great f00twork, KuDvAyNe! :nod:

Rumor Central: Dry grapevines are great for :smokin: :D


>DoD< goes to Bob Young @ work for a 104 w00t day to brighten things up a bit! :)

>POD (Continuum Class)< goes to our PODMaster Robert Basil for a 405 w00t day to singe eyeballs! :bow:

>POD (Galaxy Class)< goes to EDillio for best ever daily production! :xohyes:

GaseousMatter League
--- zzzzz
League daily total: 0

SpaceDust League
--- zzzzz
League daily total: 0

Asteroid League
--- zzzzz
League daily total: 0

Comet League
>MAM< Fireblade - 3 units - (6 days in a row)
League daily total: 3

Mars League
>MAM< NJGuy - 3 units - (2 days in a row)
League daily total: 3

Jupiter League
--- zzzzz
League daily total: 0

Stellar League
>MAM< KuDvAyNe - 26 units
League daily total: 99

RedGiant League
>MAM< theking_19832002 - 35 units
League daily total: 81

SuperGiant League
>MAM< Fat Dave - 33 units
League daily total: 60

BlackHole League
>MAM< Codfish_II - 17 units - (19 days in a row)
League daily total: 17

TheContinuum League
>MAM< Robert Basil - 405 units - (3 days in a row)
League daily total: 701

>Phoenix< not awarded on this day

>StompMaster< not awarded on this day

Respectfully submitted by: Hogward

Legend - What do all these awards stand for??

DoD - Dump of Day - awarded for a remarkable dump of w00ts
POD - Producer Of the Day - highly subjective and at the whim of the commentator (two classes: Continuum Class, for those in that league, and Galaxy Class for all other leagues)
MAM - Most Active Member - most units produced in the league that day
Phoenix - Awarded to a team member who has been long inactive and has returned to active duty
StompMaster - Awarded to the member who stomps the most people on a single day

24th December 2003, 05:32 PM
haha beat meady & farley to posting first

Are some people choosing not to dump? I thought it was going to be a teamwide dump.

24th December 2003, 06:31 PM
Thanks for another top :read: Hog :thumbsup:

All dumps are on hold until New Years Day IR (01/01/04), then you can unleash whatever you've managed to cache from now until then whenever you want on the 1st day of 2004 :thumb:

24th December 2003, 06:33 PM
IR: everyone is invited, but not everyone chooses to participate.... it's up to each person as to what they want to do. If you want to dump with the group that is holding workunits back, you can... but you don't have to if you don't want to :D

24th December 2003, 06:47 PM
I ain't gonna bother personally Hog - but only coz the 20-odd units I'd manage t' crunch in the week or so we have, would be so insignificant as to not be noticed/missed anyway :p I'll just chug along as I'm doing now ;)

But I sincerely hope this clever ruse works, and helps close the gap considerably :nod: I only hope none of them there Ruskies can read English, and has been sneakong onto the forums as a guest t' spy on our plans :p

24th December 2003, 10:12 PM
Fortunately one of Meady's many useless facets enables him to read Russian - I might have a mosey over to their forums (if they've got any) to see what's happening.

A great :read: as ever, Hog - thanks for that. Well done to everyone - onwards and upwards (albeit more craftily) Ninjas! :D

24th December 2003, 10:21 PM
haha beat meady & farley to posting first



Thanks for the report HogSTeR :D

I think my total cache to crunch was 2500 w00ts. I know I got 1 machine I can't do anything with, that will prolly dump Friday or so. My XP expirament that went bad.. :rolleyes: I gotta reformat the drive when it comes time to change projects :rolleyes:

Otherwise, all boxen on hold, unless I miss and one slips through.

Even if the ruse don't work, still gonna be fun to see what the days dump will bring for a total. :nod:

Congrats to the award winners.