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25th August 2003, 01:39 PM
>News< Commentary for Sunday, August 24th

Sunday was a fair crunching day for Team Ninja, but we got our doors blown off by an F5 hurricane team named Unimatrix Meibok! Friday of this past week they dumped (or were credited with) 210,795 w00ts, and they were given credit for another 18,916 on Saturday. While these stats only showed up on Sunday's tally, it was enough to blindside us and send them flying past us and UW. :(

Our current overall team position is shown as 110, some 5,918 w00ts behind University of Washington. We continue making great strides upwards, and should STOMP UW before next Saturday at this rate! Our final mark for Sunday was 569,321 with 1386 returned for the day. Ever onwards and upwards, Ninjas! :woot:

Milestones: none to report on this day

STOMP report: Meady Stomper continues the string of victories by STOMPING ummugumma to take 56th place overall. Look out, Dr. WHO. He has you in his sights! WTG, Meady Stomper!! :clap:


>DoD< not awarded on this day

>POD< goes to t_willi27 for his best daily production ever. Great show of crunching, t_willi27, and keep up the good work! :xohyes:

>MAM< Meady Stomper - Comet - 5 units - (16th day in a row)
>MAM< KuDvAyNe - Jupiter - 6 units - (31st day in a row)
>MAM< CHIMAERA - Stellar - 9 units - (3rd day in a row)
>MAM< Patrick Parker - RedGiant - 24 units
>MAM< Fat Dave - Supergiant - 24 units - (2nd day in a row)
>MAM< Hogward - BlackHole - 60 units - (27th day in a row)
>MAM< Robert Basil - TheContinuum - 612 units - (3rd day in a row)

>Phoenix< not awarded on this day

>StompMaster< not awarded on this day


Legend - What do all these awards stand for??

DoD - Dump of Day - awarded for a remarkable dump of w00ts
POD - Producer Of the Day - highly subjective and at the whim of the commentator
MAM - Most Active Member - most units produced in the league that day
Phoenix - Awarded to a team member who has been long inactive and has returned to active duty
StompMaster - Awarded to the member who stomps the most people on a single day

25th August 2003, 04:02 PM
Thanks for the update, Hog - another excellent :read:

That's some firepower that new Team has (or some judicious transfers have been done)

Ever onwards and upwards, Ninjas! :D

The Doctor
26th August 2003, 01:01 AM
:lol: Another fine :read: Sir Hog of the Tex-r-us:cowboy:CLAN

It's good to see a lot of activity in our:

FOUNDATION LEAGUES = GaseousMatter up through SuperGiant.... :clap: :clap:

I don't consider the BlackHole league to be a Foundation League;

I consider them to be :nerd: servants :nerd: for the Continuum :cunning:

until they finish their apprentice-ships :bamf: in that League,

and we :gang::welcome: them into the BIG-C :rolling: :rolleyes: :thumbsup:

:ninjawel: to all new team members :xohyes:

26th August 2003, 01:03 AM

The Doctor
26th August 2003, 01:08 AM
:lol: @ :fool: :)

26th August 2003, 02:29 AM
Thanks for the report HW. I tried earlier to reply but it lagged out on me.. :dunno:

Congrats t_willi27 on the POD!! :nod:

Well when ya get an F5 what else can ya do than duck and cover :D