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3rd July 2003, 04:30 PM
Hi Folks,

I finally decided to add a machine to this project, and downloaded the client. Installation went smoothly enough, but when I typed "Team Ninja" (without the quotes) as my choice of Team, the installation said "No such Team exists - do you wish to create one?"

I said "OK", and I'm now generating results for the Team, but it seems that I'm the only member.

Whether this is connected to the implementation of Phase 2, and all team stats/members have been reset to zero, I don't know, but if anyone else has been running this project, I'd be grateful if they would check and see if it's just me in the Team.


Meady the puzzled.

3rd July 2003, 05:02 PM
Seems I've found the answer to my own question - taken from the website:

FightAIDSatHome is a computational research project partnership between Entropia and the Olson laboratory at The Scripps Research Institute. FAAH accelerates AIDS research by generating and testing candidate drug compounds against detailed models of evolving AIDS viruses. Dr. Arthur Olson, Director of the Molecular Graphics Laboratory at TSRI, is the FAAH project leader. With the shift from Phase I to Phase II, the program will become entirely self-managed. As part of that process, Entropia is transitioning the project over to the Olson Laboratories at TSRI, where it will become a wholly non-profit endeavor. In compliance with our membership privacy policy, no personal member information will transfer; you must re-enlist with the FAAH project to participate in Phase II.

Also, the stats are surrently offline whilst the move from Entropia to TSRI completes. Although the servers are sending/receiving work, there are no working links to member services.