View Full Version : UPDATED: AMD teases with Athlon 64, leaks

1st July 2003, 11:05 AM
Although AMD's latest flagship Opteron chip is finally shipping in quantity, most of these chips are ending up in workhorse servers instead of desktops and workstations. The end-user crowd is still waiting on the cheaper Athlon 64 processor, set to debut in September of this year, and AMD apparently has some novel plans to differentiate its upcoming product lines.

According to AMD, the first Athlon 64s to hit the market will carry PR ratings of 3400+ and 3100+. These chips will come with 1 MB of onboard L2 cache and will run at unspecified clock speeds. By fourth quarter of 2003 AMD expects to ship an Athlon 64 rated at 3700+, [UPDATED: This incorrectly stated by the first quarter of 2004, but has been corrected.] by the end of 2004 is scheduled to bring the rating up to 4300+. However, AMD has plans in the works that will trade cache size for speed and yield, claiming that all models after the 3100+ will feature a smaller 256 KB L2 cache.more here (http://www.geek.com/news/geeknews/2003Jun/gee20030630020628.htm)