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19th June 2003, 11:47 AM
Another day, another surprise as to what our ranking is! Today it is #120 .. and the surprise is that it appears to be stable from the day before! *oh my!!!* Our current total is 466,826 units and todayís production was a very solid 858 units! Just above us (and I mean just!) is Team Husky - Michigan Technological Univ SETI Squad are on 467,162 Ö only about 350 units away!.. Behind us is Canopus@SETI at 459,272 and today they actually did fall further behind!

How did this happen you say?? Easy is the reply! A familiar face from times past has graced us with her presence! Our once and current resident spelunker, Caveracing, has returned to hearty applause (mine at the very least!), entering at position #38 at the very top of the Jupiter league Ö and Iíll bet she is soon to to graduate to the Stellar league and she also will be looking to stomp me dear Mum! ;)

Cheers m8s!


Cpu Year awards

Caveracing has achieved 1 cpu years

Picard best weeks production awards

David Whitney for 1769 units

Hogward for 316 units

Slog for 15 units

>MAM< Slog - Mars - 2 units - (10th day in a row)
>MAM< The_Dragon - Jupiter - 2 units
>MAM< r9brian - Stellar - 25 units - (38th day in a row)
>MAM< Patrick Parker - RedGiant - 101 units
>MAM< Hogward - SuperGiant - 43 units - (2nd day in a row)
>MAM< jema - BlackHole - 21 units - (11th day in a row)
>MAM< David Whitney - TheContinuum - 236 units - (9th day in a row)

Legend - What do all these awards stand for??
POD - Producer Of the Day - highly subjective and at the whim of the commentator
MAM - Most Active Member - most units produced in the league that day
Phoenix - Awarded to a team member who has been long inactive and has returned to active duty
StompMaster - Awarded to the member who stomps the most people on a single day (Saturday only, at present)

19th June 2003, 11:57 AM
Thanks for the report, 10. It's great to see another face return! :nod:

19th June 2003, 12:08 PM
Excellent report 10:13, and welcome back to Caveracing!

The Doctor
19th June 2003, 12:32 PM
:) Good to see you up and about the boards...

'been missing your humor, old sport :geezer: ...nicely done report m8....

And a great job done by the Team, et al.... :xohyes: :spot:

19th June 2003, 03:06 PM
That's a fine report, 10:13!!

Welcome to Caveracing! It's good to know you are a returning member and that you are going to help us stomp Team Husky in the near term.

Thanks to all for the help in outpacing Canopus!!! :sunshine:

19th June 2003, 03:12 PM
Great work 10:13 :)

once again welcome back CaveRacing :)