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8th June 2003, 08:05 AM
Dnet update for 05-Jun-2003 to 07-Jun-2003

Greetings fellow crunchers and crunchettes! Hope your weekend is a good one! Certain this last day was a stunning one for the team! High scores in all three projects yesterday. This is a two day report, but unfortunately I didn’t capture yesterday’s commentary before it had rolled so I’m afraind some of the things are going to be missing. Some things I can figure out. Even without yesterday’s template, the Milestones section is absolutely huge. Good crunching everyone!

Special Citations
Sydney Freedman - for action above and beyond the call of duty producing 5,781 units in OGR-24
Fallguy - for action above and beyond the call of duty producing 10,524 units in OGR-25

Ragnarog - for the exemplary production of 1,454 units in OGR-24
Farley - for the exemplary production of 1,156 units in RC5-72

Radar [Team Ninja] passes 240K in OGR-24
LinearA passes 65K in OGR-24
Hawkeye passes 40K in OGR-24
Sydney Freedman passes 10K in OGR-24
Ragnarog passes 7K in OGR-24
Jed passes 5K in OGR-24
Fallguy passes 1K in OGR-24
Fallguy passes 50K in OGR-25
wylie passes 20K in OGR-25
Fallguy passes 40K in RC5-72
Farley passes 7K in RC5-72
Hogward passes 2K in RC5-72

LinearA enters the top 400 in RC5-72
Hawkeye enters the top 1000 in OGR-24

Radar [Team Ninja] - #14 worldwide June 6th, #15 yesterday in OGR-24
LinearA - #29 worldwide June 6th in OGR-24
Hawkeye - #24 worldwide yesterday in OGR-24
Sydney Freedman - #13 worldwide yesterday in OGR-24

The Team - #5 worldwide June 6th, #6 yesterday in OGR-24
The Team - #34 worldwide yesterday in OGR-25
The Team - #26 worldwide yesterday in RC5-72

I know I’m missing the crunches from the day before so feel free to chime in and announce them! I do have to take note the rather superb triple crunch put in by Sydney … not bad for someone who is probably our oldest team member

Sydney Freedman crunches Ragnarog and PenDragon and Jed in OGR-24
Fallguy crunches Patrick Parker in OGR-25
Ragnarog crunches Tweety and wylie in RC5-72

Both OGR-24 and RC5-72 are starting to get into pretty rarefied atmosphere. I’m beginning to wonder just how high the team can climb in OGR-24. We hadn’t climbed from 43 in several days but that was because there was a gap of almost 90K between 43 and 42 … just an indication of the level we have reached. The 24 stubs have again dried up but I want to let you know that this time I was not caught flat-footed … I should have 24 results to turn in for a while on some machines.

Team Ranking
OGR-24 - 41 (+2)
OGR-25 - 420 (+5)
RC5-72 - 59 (+2)

Can I just say … WOW! Great scores! Gain two in RC5 to position #59 … our highest ever placement. Well done!

Team Scores
OGR-24 - 643,449 (+18,150) (6th yesterday)
OGR-25 - 1,622,081 (+20,862) (34th yesterday)
RC5-72 - 505,490 (+7,556) (26th yesterday)

Ok … can I just say that Team Seti USA is going to be one h*** of a challenge? They turned in almost 20K RC5 units yesterday … which I know has to be aberrational … but it is one heck of a statement to make … especially as they turned in almost 10K the day before! If they actually can continue this kind of a pace they are easily a Top 10 team. Even though I have successfully pried the credit card from Tsimri’s grasp … this is going to be a challenge.

Target Tracking Data
Picard - OGR-24 Total: 9,612 (nc) Gap: +633,837 (+18,150)
Picard - OGR-25 Total: 2,781,320 (nc) Gap: -1,159,239 (+20,862)
Team Seti USA -RC5-72 Crunchers - RC5-72 Total: 588,115 (+19,943) Gap: -82,625 (-12,387)

Next Target
OGR-24 - Overclockers Alliance Total: 668,956 (New target) Gap: -25,507
OGR-25 - Simon & Thomas :) Total: 1,625,520 (New target) Gap: -3,439
RC5-72 - Tempest3K & Friends :) Total: 511,666 (New target) Gap: -6,176

8th June 2003, 08:28 AM
nice crunching folks, oh and by the way....



8th June 2003, 09:59 AM
Cheer, FG, for your understated message! :lol:

Which project? :cunning:

8th June 2003, 10:17 AM
where else?? :D

You are lucky I am trying to hold off Radar in RC5 or I could have crunched a whole lot more than 10,000 stats units..... and thwacked Vinovia too.... :cunning:


8th June 2003, 11:49 AM
Ah. All my efforts have been aimed at OGR24 lately, with a fair proportion dedicated to RSAttack.

I'll be back, though......:D

8th June 2003, 12:05 PM
isn't that Termies line...... :D

8th June 2003, 02:33 PM
Oops......I guess it is - sorry, Termie! :lol:

8th June 2003, 02:47 PM
Excellent Read 10!!!

I was floored as well after seeing that input. I'm know there is talk over there of RSAttack. Nothing happening yet, but this might divide they're crunching force up even greater beyond the 3 projects they do now. Something they are not accustom to and TN is. "How many projects??"

Inteligence reports that the top 50 is their goal. We might see a drop off of production when they reach it.
A formidable team to be sure. Hard to believe we stomped them 2 weeks ago.

Like I said at the start this was going to be tough challege. Call the shot we'll see how it goes. :D

Well done to the Stoners, Crunchers, and Citationers :thumbsup:

8th June 2003, 10:49 PM
Great read 10 - Thanks m8 your efforts are much appreciated :xohyes:

And Meady the bills in the post for using that line ;)

I've done a little wandering the last few days but RSA576 should see a little increase now :D