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29th May 2003, 01:27 AM
Daily Distributed Folding commentary for the 28th of May 2003

Greeting fellow folders!!

Not sure if the stats are 100%, but we'll go with the commentary as planned. :)

This day in history

In 1742 First indoor swimming pool opens at Goodman's Fields, London
In 1908 Ian Fleming, writer (James Bond series), born
In 1929 First all color talking picture On With The Show exhibited, NYC
In 1953 Premier of first animated 3-D cartoon in Technicolor - "Melody"
In 1959 First animals fired into space and rescued, Cape Canaveral
In 1971 Mars 3 launched. First spacecraft to soft land on Mars

This day inBEER history

1996 - The Cedar Brewing Company in Cedar Rapids, Iowa introduces their Dunkel Weisse

I dunno, I report 'em :dunno:

This day in Team Ninja history

The team now stands 927,361,003 behind Rechenkraft net and 118,626,238 ahead of Sun Microsystems

Production for the day: 7,344,182 units

Current holder of the best RMS is Miles with a value of 11.941620

CHIMAERA thwacks lurqa and KingKong :thwack:
Hawkeye thwacks shubles and Monkeymia :thwack:


Black Belt
Jed produced 890,000 units

890,000 units produced in this league

Brown Belt
Nada - no units produced :scratch:

Purple Belt
PenDragon produced 290,000 units
Thelma and Louise produced 127,839 units

417,839 units produced in this league

Blue Belt
wylie produced 20,000 units
CHIMAERA produced 3,100,718 units
lurqa produced 210,000 units
KingKong produced 126,418 units
Doinkeyheads produced 967,761 units
Miles produced 367,500 units

4,792,397 units produced in this league

Red Belt
Just Chelle produced 280,590 units

280,590 units produced in this league

Green Belt
Chops produced 10,875 units
wombat produced 20,000 units

30,875 units produced in this league

White Belt
Farley produced 113,297 units
Fizban produced 69,104 units
edebont produced 15,000 units
Hawkeye produced 690,080 units
Tsimri produced 45,000 units

932,481 units produced in this league

Nada - no units produced

:ninja: Today's Ninja's are:

Black Belt - Jed
Purple Belt - PenDragon
Blue Belt - CHIMAERA
Red Belt - Just Chelle
Green Belt - wombat
White Belt - Hawkeye

:worship: and today's Grand Master is... CHIMAERA for the double thwack and a 3 million+ dump.


Stats are still showning these totals, the ComTemp showed it clicked May 28, so I'm callng it like I see it :dunno:

Till next time!! Hail Ninja!!

29th May 2003, 01:34 AM
Thanks for the great :read: Farley! I always love a good bit of beer history!

29th May 2003, 01:37 AM
:gulp: beer good

29th May 2003, 01:50 AM
Nice Read Farley, and thanks for the award. :D

29th May 2003, 02:07 AM
SWEET!! http://www.smilies-world.de/Smilies/Smilies_klein_1/eek3.gif Thanks Farley http://www.smilies-world.de/Smilies/Smilies_klein_1/ZoumZoumZeng1341ok.gif Yes G, beer very good http://www.smilies-world.de/Smilies/Smilies_klein_1/all_coholic.gif

29th May 2003, 10:50 AM
Great read Farley, I look forward to the weekly edumacation :lol:
mmmmmmmmmmm Beer :gulp:
Congrats ( :booty: ) to Chimaera for an astonishing (and sneaky) dump and double THWACK :thumbsup:
though it will do you no good :cunning:

29th May 2003, 11:04 AM
That's a great :read: Farley - thanks for that.

Well done to all, and a special mention to <insertteamwithdifficultnametospell> for their Thwacks and megadump.

Beer is good, but mead is better! :lol:

29th May 2003, 03:49 PM
only if falling down is high on the agenda :nod: