View Full Version : [DNET] Status for Friday 23rd May

24th May 2003, 11:31 PM
Dnet update for 22-May-2003 to 23-May-2003

Special Citations
Fallguy - for action above and beyond the call of duty producing 13,652 units in OGR-25

Jed - for the exemplary production of 1,922 units in OGR-25
Monkeymia - for the exemplary production of 1,297 units in OGR-25
Jed - for the exemplary production of 9,726 units in RC5-72

Terminator passes 120K in OGR-25
Fallguy passes 30K in OGR-25
Ragnarog passes 15K in OGR-25
Jed passes 10K in OGR-25
Farley passes 4K in OGR-25
Monkeymia passes 3K in OGR-25
Jed passes 15K in RC5-72
wylie passes 1K in RC5-72

Vinovia - #11 worldwide yesterday in OGR-24
Jed - #9 worldwide yesterday in RC5-72

The Team - #2 worldwide yesterday in OGR-24
The Team - #38 worldwide yesterday in OGR-25
The Team - #16 worldwide yesterday in RC5-72

Fallguy stomps Nanobot in OGR-25
Ragnarog stomps Hawkeye in OGR-25
Jed stomps Hawkeye in RC5-72
Farley stomps and longest_highway@yahoo.com in RC5-72

Team Ranking
OGR-24 - 81 (+1)
OGR-25 - 483 (+10)
RC5-72 - 62 (+1)

Team Scores
OGR-24 - 248,565 (+1,873) (2nd yesterday)
OGR-25 - 1,365,132 (+31,230) (38th yesterday)
RC5-72 - 444,921 (+12,949) (16th yesterday)

Target Tracking Data
OGR-24 Total: 9,413 (nc) Gap: +239,152 (+1,873)
OGR-25 Total: 2,779,479 (+933) Gap: -1,414,347 (+30,297)
RC5-72 Total: 423,062 (+2,974) Gap: +21,859 (+9,975)

Next Target
OGR-24 - RC5 Hardware Network Total: 249,590 (New target) Gap: -1,025
OGR-25 - South Park - Featuring the Intel Pentium(r) II Processor Total: 1,365,754 (New target) Gap: -622
RC5-72 - Team Canada Total: 445,933 (New target) Gap: -1,012

24th May 2003, 11:42 PM
Thanks for the update, LB - it's good to see the team still doing so well, even with all the new projects calling on resources.

24th May 2003, 11:45 PM
I popped a few RC5 units in today just to keep things ticking over ;)

25th May 2003, 10:59 AM
btw Nano.....


And you thought I had forgotten..... :p