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18th May 2003, 03:25 PM

You didn't really think I would forget now did you???

I thought I'd combine my thwack for the week in to one simple and easy to appreciate list, so you can appreciate who else has suffered the ultimate humiliation of being thwacked by yours truly this week.


In the biggest catagory this week, we have SSS thwacks, and boy are there alot of them. Looks like some people haven't been paying attention..... tutt tutt! :thunk:

Jules, Chelle, and Farley were all thwacked pretty much as soon as I figured out how these SSS thingies worked...... :moon:

Hawkeye was thwacked not so far afterward (for shame!).... :smackbum:

Oh and incidentally Data was thwacked..... [please do not crush me for my impudence oh mighty one!]

Moving swiftly on to OGR-24, I quite unintentionally thwacked wylie, not sure if that counts but what the hell! :smackbum:

OGR-25 was a bit less interesting than the SSS, mainly cos all my thwacks were ROADKILL!, :sigh:

I thwacked wylie (again, maybe he likes it???), Chelle (again), Jed (who's Jed??) and Ragnarog (is that like Ragnarok Roadhog?? Sorry, but I have always wondered). Consider yourselves thwacked..... :spank:

Oh and guess who? Yes, thats right......

:water2: Tweety :water1:


Thwacked twice just to be on the safe side!

Anyway, you know who you are (and so does everyone else), so get to it and catch me if you can! :whip:


18th May 2003, 03:31 PM
Klatu? Wasn't the from "The Day the Earth Stood Still"? :D

Nice one anyway, FG - good multiple thwackings, stompings and crunchings! :nod: