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13th May 2003, 07:10 AM
Dnet update for 11-May-2003 to 12-May-2003

Well I decided to a commentary for only a single day, just to give Nanoís new template a workout. Itís a thing of joy. All the drudge typing already done for you and just waiting for a little personality Ö and if you feel lazy, dang if it donít look awful durn purty all by itself! Nano --- I donít know how I can thank you enough!

Now Ö Normally we donít have a POD or a Grand Master here in the Dnet projects, because for the most part we are a very tightly-knit bunch Ö but Iím going to break that tradition today. And being that this is the Maths forum it seems to me that we should have our own title. So .. with out further ado please give a hand to our inaugural:

>CrunchMaster< Ė Vinovia Ė for a truly stunning dump in OGR-24

So whatís so special about Vinoviaís dump in OGR-24? Well, after this past weekend when the team climbed to position #88, we were at the bottom of a very big void. Almost 10K until the next target. Given the paucity of OGR-24 stubs it seemed almost certain that we would climb no further. However, after Vinís dump yesterday, we are now only 3K away from the #87 spot with two teams bunched there, a 5.5K break and then 3 more teams. What looked very remote is now definitely within reach! Thanks to the foresight of Vinovia, LinearB, and Terminator we have a real shot of climbing yet further in OGR-24. And you can bet that I am :cuss: big-time because I didnít load up with enough 24 stubs myself!

Special Citations
Vinovia - for the exemplary production of 6,705 units in OGR-24

Vinovia passes 65K in OGR-24
Radar [Team Ninja] passes 850K in OGR-25
Nanobot passes 65K in RC5-72
Squeaky passes 8K in RC5-72

Vinovia - #4 worldwide yesterday in OGR-24

The Team - #2 worldwide yesterday in OGR-24

Team Ranking
OGR-24 - 88 (nc)
OGR-25 - 584 (+6)
RC5-72 - 63 (-1)

Well we actually dropped a place in RC5 Ö but so did a lot of teams. The Polish RC5 team jumped 19, yes 19 places yesterday Ö and that with a dump of only a tad less than 10K units Ö thatís how tightly bunched the teams are at the moment. Closer to home, the Kazakhstan team pulled away by 2.5K units and Picard crept closer by almost 1K. On the bright side, we outscored the RC5 For Jesus team by 800 units and kept pace with the Texas Longhorns.

Team Scores
OGR-24 - 229,097 (+6,706) (2nd yesterday)
OGR-25 - 1,106,161 (+10,874) (104th yesterday)
RC5-72 - 398,688 (+3,163) (77th yesterday)

Target Tracking Data
OGR-24 Total: 9,355 (nc) Gap: +219,742 (+6,706)
OGR-25 Total: 2,775,190 (nc) Gap: -1,669,029 (+10,874)
RC5-72 Total: 385,317 (+4,027) Gap: +13,371 (-864)

Next Target
OGR-24 - Wheres George? Total: 231,895 (nc) Gap: -2,798 (+6,706)
OGR-25 - osubucks.org Total: 1,107,215 (New target) Gap: -1,054
RC5-72 - RC5 For Jesus Total: 400,694 (New target) Gap: -2,006

The last thing to note is that Iím still trying to figure out how to recruit new blood to our Dnet teams (new being from outside current Ninja members). We have a heck of a team considering the size and Iíd really like to think that we would appeal to fellow crunch-aholics Ö itís just a matter of getting them to take notice of us Ö oh well Ö Iíll keep thinking on this front Ö

cheers m8s!

13th May 2003, 08:15 AM
Thanks for the update 10 :thumbsup: - I lost a long post yesterday as well, but a CTRL+A, CTRL+C before posting saves a lot of heartache ;)

13th May 2003, 08:23 AM
Thanks for the update, 10.

I always use Word to write my Commentaries, and then cut/paste them - I discovered how to "lose" a Commentary the hard way too! :mad:

Well done, everyone - another great Team effort! :D

13th May 2003, 08:53 AM
yes .. I almost always use Word to write them myself ... but I told myself that This was going to be a brief post ... not much added ... LOL ...

Anyway ... the commentary has been updated and is fairly close to the original!

13th May 2003, 11:06 AM
Cheers 10, I do like a lickle read, so what do you recon we need to do, to get noticed ?

Jed ;)