View Full Version : Dnet Update for Saturday 5th April

6th April 2003, 10:05 AM
OK stomp fans here's the latest dnet snapshot and it makes great reading, we're nearing the top 1000 in OGR25 thanks to a dedicated few :worship: and in RC5 we have hit the top 100 :)

LinearA breaks 35K in RC5
Nanobot breaks 35K in RC5
Radar breaks 250K in OGR25
LinearA breaks 50K in OGR25
Vinovia breaks 25K in OGR25

Team Rankings
OGR24 - 188th
OGR25 - 1174th
RC5-72 - 95th

Team Scores
OGR24 - 90,720
OGR25 - 424,230
RC5-72 - 213,312

Target Tracking

TP RC5-72 Total: 254,594 Gap: -41,282

TP are currently engaged against the Knights in G@H so NOW is the time to squeeze those cpu's for everything they've got and take advantage of this situation :D

I'm clearing a small blockage today :constip::constip:

6th April 2003, 10:52 AM
Well I'll do my best to put a few units up today,
but one of my comps went down a few days ago (the first time I've managed to crash the Dnet client! Wooohooo!) and I didn't notice, so my dump is not as impressive as it should be.... :(

Still, every little helps.