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27th March 2003, 11:17 PM
There is a new version of the DC Roster (http://www.ninjamicros.com/vbulletin/dc_roster.php?action=show), it my look like the old version but it has been reworked to include extra functions and to remove the Picard defaults.

First the bad news - I have had to delete all the old entries so you may find that you old entries have been lost.

Now the good news - the rewrite is due to positioning for a future development and as a part of that I have added the ability to just claim your crunching name (http://www.ninjamicros.com/vbulletin/dc_roster.php?action=claim). Only one person can claim a name, so if your name is not there then someone has "stolen" it. If this is the case (and also if you are a member of a multiple member team) then please PM an admin who can make things right :) A by-product of the new system is that it is not only the DF and TSC forums which now display the current totals for members when you put your mouse over an avatar, all DC forums now have this function.

Enjoy :D

28th March 2003, 07:23 AM
As the script automatically converted some names and will create entries when your crunching name matches your NM name.
The way to check things out are as follows:

1. Go here (http://www.ninjamicros.com/vbulletin/dc_roster.php?action=show) and click on you NM name.
2. If your NM name does not exist then click on the claim link at the top of the page and go to step 4
3. If your crunching name for a project does not exist then click on the claim link at the top of the page
4. Find your crunching name in the list of unclaimed names and then click on the claim link

28th March 2003, 11:04 AM
Very nice :)

I will have to rework MJ to do this, or I wonder if we could link up a little more. If I could make MJ access this data. I could do away with the Alias mechanism I use.