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22nd March 2003, 12:00 PM
Hello, and good afternoon team. I hope all of you are well not withstanding the momentous events which are happening as we speak. I’ll keep the waffle low…this is a break in my continuous TV/Radio/Net news watch!


Progress this week has been a little slow, undoubtedly due to the cross project efforts in the name of Ninja. We need more…and in the absence of a Blair-esque motivational speech at hand I offer you three images…choose that which works best for you:

DAILY PRODUCTION..............3,723
WEEKLY PRODUCTION...........20,944


We have ascended to the the top 40 I see http://www.emotipad.com/emoticons/Beam%20Up.gif

39 PCSAZ…….............................. 266,224
40 TeamNinja_Genome................. 265,878
41 LNO Genome Black Belts........... 257,239




And todays aggressive manoeuvres http://www.emotipad.com/emoticons/Boxin.gif

In the Division III League

Evolution_ stomps mushy-peas+g+Gunslinger

In the Division II League


In the Division I League

nyles stomps 10:13+Nick+Chelle+ukevil

Jed stomps wylie


Reporting for duty…http://www.britus.34sp.com/smilies/salute.gif

Julia_TeamNinja, 330
Bursar, 39
Doke, 7
Speculative, 71
Dodgy, 56
Jed, 68
Nyles, 652
ukevil, 58
10:13, 32
TN_Ragnarog, 32
Shookums, 28
Evolution_, 66


the >POD< http://www.britus.34sp.com/smilies/coinflip.gif ummm, not sure…theres the small matter of a certain Android and his continuing efforts to overload Stanfords server :D .. and Nyles for such fantasic dumping since joining the Ninja coalition..but today I would like to use my right and privilege to present Speculative the >POD< -- a consistent and ever present member now and historically. Thanks Spec! http://www.emotipad.com/emoticons/Clap%20Hands.gif

ok, ciao for now http://www.emotipad.com/emoticons/Weak%20Link.gif

>MAM< Evolution_ - Division III - 66 units
>MAM< TN_Ragnarog - Division II - 32 units
>MAM< nyles - Division I - 652 units - (5th day in a row)
>MAM< S-MDC_TRUST - Premier - 2284 units

Legend - What do all these awards stand for?? POD - Producer Of the Day - highly subjective and at the whim of the commentator MAM - Most Active Member - most units produced in the league that day Phoenix - Awarded to a team member who has been long inactive and has returned to active duty StompMaster - Awarded to the member who stomps the most people on a single day (Saturday only, at present)

22nd March 2003, 01:11 PM
Thanks for the report Squeaks!

Good work all! And BIG CONGRATS to Spec for the POD!! :clap:

22nd March 2003, 07:22 PM
Great :read: Squeaks... thank you :thumbsup:

Well done t' the MAM's, and t' Spec' for his LS+GC (Long Service + Good Conduct) POD :thumb:

//and I too would like t' :clap: nyles for consistent outstanding daily :woot: production :nod: :bow: You've provided a much-needed boost t' the team wi' yer efforts dude, for which I http://www.emotipad.com/emoticons/I%20Thank%20You.gif immensely ;)

22nd March 2003, 10:08 PM
great report there squeaks;) well done the MAM's and POD's:)
the new rig has been built and should start crunching sunday:brengun: mushy-peas gets the old rig:p

22nd March 2003, 10:30 PM
Hi Squeaky

had stanford not been down i would have managed to upload more - will make all atempts to dump the S-MDC during this week should be good for about 30K or there abouts or i get it uploaded - good for Team :ninja:

22nd March 2003, 11:25 PM
Great report Squeaks - thanks for that.

Well done to all, and a special mention for Spec's much deserved POD. :nod: