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18th March 2003, 11:18 AM
Thogut id drop in and say hi, i keep threatening to run a bit of genome but just wondered a couple of things.

I have an account in TP can these units be moved to ninja or are they stuck there. I seem to remember from old that i couldnt, but perhaps someone can confirm.

Also what does genome prefer is it bandwidth or sheer CPU power.
I know both have an effect but for instance ive found Seti to prefer bandwidth.
Any ideas ?


:sunshine: :sunshine: :sunshine:

18th March 2003, 03:05 PM
hi m8

'tis great that you have decided to crunch Genome :D

welcome onboard :thumb:

as for the question...well.../controls bubbling emotion.....you CANNOT move units from TP - Genome units are permanently attributed to the team number you had in your config file at the time of uploading. In honesty I'd acknowledge this to be a good thing, im not *really* too concerned about team 'jumping' but it does make stats and team position less prone to flucuations - I'm still a little sore at losing my 35000 but at the end of the day the project benefitted :D

Cannot answer your performance question, I've never really benched my work.


18th March 2003, 05:45 PM
Hi Arian

two things

although your units remain with TP you have a personal account that all units also get added to this irrespective where you crunch - as long as you use the same crunching name all work will get added to the team account and your own account

G@H classic dose not take too kindly to cpu's that are to highly overclocked as this tears the client apart - moderate o/clocking will work OK

O welcome to the G@H forum :cool: hope to see more of you