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17th February 2003, 09:20 PM
Hi Folks, and welcome to the FAQ for the latest project to come under the Team Ninja banner!

The link to the project home is here. (http://www.evolutionary-research.net/)

The client can be downloaded from here. (http://www.evolutionary-research.net/Simulators/Simulator005/S005Download/s005download.html)

Run files can be obtained from here. (http://www.evolutionary-research.net/Simulator005/RunFiles/index.html)

Statistics (which are updated about every fortnight) can be found here. (http://www.evolutionary-research.net/Scores/index.html)

Client configuration:

When you run the client for the first time, it will ask for certain specific information.

1) Public family or group name: Team Ninja Evolution
2) Public personal or member name: <insert your "handle">
3) Group name checkpin: cowabunga
4) Non-published Personal name checkpin: <insert real name>
5) Public promoteURL: http://www.team-ninja.com
6) Nation: <wherever you hail from>
7) ANSI CPU Information: Automatic - requires no input
8) ANSI OS Information: Automatic - requires no input
9) System Details: Depends on your computer

Once you have inputted this data, you can get some runfiles.

Go to the runfile webpage (link above), and select one of the available combinations from the table, by clicking the hyperlink. On the next page, click on the "run.txt" hyperlink. Then click "File/Save as", and save it into the Evolution@Home directory.

You can do this as many times as you like, by saving each file with a different name, and then using notepad to cut/paste the contents into the "run" file.

When you have enough work, restart the client - you can monitor the progress by opening the file called "eProgress.txt".

When the client completes all the work, there will be a file called "results". Open a blank email, attach this file, and then send it (without any title) to

here (simulator005@evolution-at-home.net)

Delete the result file, and go fetch some more work for the client.

That's it, Folks - a lot of hassle, but well worth it IMHO.