View Full Version : Crooks Slip Up Selling Loot Back to Owner

20th November 2002, 11:32 PM
BERLIN (Reuters) - Two postal workers were arrested in Germany after they unwittingly tried to sell high-tech telephone equipment stolen from the post back to the original owner, police said on Wednesday.

A police spokesman said the pair, aged 20 and 28, tried to sell the goods to a second-hand dealer in the Bavarian town of Nuremberg. But he spotted the package as the same one he had taken to the post office that morning and called the police.

"The funny thing was -- the suspects didn't realize they'd taken the stuff back to the place it was from," Nuremberg police spokesman Peter Schnellinger said.

Police arrested the thieves and searched their apartment, discovering a cache of missing post that included stolen laptops, video cameras and fax equipment worth $10,000.

21st November 2002, 12:02 AM
One for the Darwin Awards, although they didn't quite top themselves... They'll just have to be Idiots of the Month! :lol: