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16th November 2002, 11:02 AM
Selling these great alarms for $250 +shipping :drooling:
I will also include a special tech sheet with wiring diagram for the make and year of your car that you request on ! :)
NOTE:if your in the tri-state area i will install it with basic features for $100.00 (with appointment)

• 4 Button 2-Way Transmitter with Color LCD Display(comes with only one) extra units are $85.00 each
• Secure Learn Transmitter Verification System
• 2nd Car Operation
• Menu Driven Programming with 3 Program Menus
• “Easy Mount” Antenna with Status LEDS
• SHF FM High Frequency Long Range Transceiver Technology
• Driver’s Door Priority Unlock(if your car has this item)
• Programmable Door Lock / Unlock Outputs
• Ultra-Tach Auto Tach Learning System
• 40 Amp sealed relays
• Factory alarm disarm output
• Pats, Vats and Passkey output(such as some gm and ford cars and trucks some parts needed and are extra)
• Negative and Positive Safety Shutdown Inputs
• 30 Amp Second Ignition / Accessory Relay / Starter
• Diesel Glow Plug Detection System
• User Selectable Cold Weather Timer Mode with 4 Modes
• Optional Temperature Sensor Input
• Keyless Engine Idle(works like a turbo timer too)
• Remote Runtime Extension
• Programmable Crank Time, Runtime and Start Attempts
• Programmable Auto Re-lock, Defrost and Unlock Features
• Full Visual & Audible Self Diagnostics with Event Memory
• Programmable Trunk Release plus 4 Aux. Outputs(MUST HAVE POWER TRUNK RELEASE )
• Programmable Ignition Auto Lock
• Remote Car Finder Feature
• Horn Honk and Panic Features
• Secure Power Loss Memory Backup System
• Factory Alarm Disarm
• Ultra-Smart Shutdown Diagnostic Memory

• Color LCD Display with indigo back-light
• Flip Cover with Display Window
• System Status Icons (Range, Lock, Unlock, Start, Run etc)
• Exclusive Runtime Bar Graph Indicator
• Alarm Status Indicators
• Audible Conformation of Operations
• Battery Status Indicator
• Program Status Icons
• 2nd Car Indication

payments can be made via paypal ..im verified or personal check or money order (will not send COD)

ALSO Will trade for some items such as amps and sub'slike (PPI ,xtant ,eclipse ,jl audio . PM me about this)

click here for some in depth info of the unit (http://www.ultrastarters.com/Owners_Guides/4500ownersv2e.pdf)

If you have no clue or have never done an alarm install Do not atempt this install ..let a PRO do it !

all alarms are pre tested to make sure they work before i ship them!

16th November 2002, 11:02 AM
remote close up