View Full Version : E-mail And Web Sites Are Computer-based Attacks, Says Gov

3rd November 2002, 01:25 AM
truly bizarre new web site at www.intelligence.gov claims to represent the U.S. Intelligence Community as a whole. Examining some of the statements on this site, its slogan, "Uncovering the Truth," must refer to some special definition of "truth" that we aren't yet aware of.

On a page titled "The Threat," featuring pictures of exploding passenger cars and soldiers wearing biological safety gear, some words appear about "Information Infrastructure Attack." With all this ominous fanfare, we might expect to read there about terrorists shutting down the Internet, or a foreign power damaging our military networks during a war. Instead, only the following is said:

Political activism on the Internet has generated a wide range of activity, from using e-mail and web sites to organize, to web page defacements and denial-of-service attacks. These computer-based attacks are usually referred to as hacktivism, a marriage of hacking and political activism.
Are some hacked web pages and a largely symbolic denial-of-service event really the central threats to our information infrastructure? Shouldn't these people be worrying about threats that could actually harm people?

Using "e-mail and web sites to organize" is such a basic function of activism, that relating it to any sort of "attack" is just ludicrous. Putting it under the category of "The Threat" is downright offensive. The power of alternative ideas, combined with the power of technology to unite people of common cause, must frighten these agencies deeply.

So long as these intelligence agencies insist on their views of the "truth," anyone who should propagate a different view of the "truth" must be the enemy, plain and simple. Is this the type of attitude that will keep our nation safe?

While you're waiting to find out the answer, check out Indymedia, where thousands of activists from all over the world use e-mail and websites every day to organize political activism under rule of law. See for yourself what our government deems a threat.
from here (http://www.2600.com/news/display.shtml?id=1390)