View Full Version : resevoir/pump questions:

23rd October 2002, 06:38 PM
Boy, I have asked a lot of questions lately, havn't I? :)

Where did you all get your resevoir? What type of resevoir would you recommend?

Also, what enheim pump would you recommend?

23rd October 2002, 08:27 PM
A res can be almost anything that can hold water within reason. I'm using a 25ltr beer brewing tub, some use ice cream tub's and others use purpose built res's. It's entirely upto you really and dependent on your budget.
As for the pump that also depends on your setup. the 1048 will siut most normal needs but if you have now, or plan to in the future, have multiple waterblocks etc cooling everything in your case then the 1250 will almost be a must.
Personnaly I'm using a maxjet 1200lph pump but thats because i'm too tight to by a ehiem :)
Also I need a powerful pump as my rig is now fanless except for the noisy little goit on the northbridge.

Any more questions just post and I or others will be happy to help.


23rd October 2002, 09:19 PM
I use a electricial box from home depot for the res. Just pick up a waterproof box without holes and drill and install the fittings of your choice. You also can but a res from somewhere but I think it's too much $$$.

For my 3/8 system I use a rio pump and for the 1/2 it's a ehiem 1250 :)

23rd October 2002, 10:04 PM
How loud are those ehiem pumps?
thanks for info by the way..

24th October 2002, 12:19 AM
Dumb question about the pump: Obviously the ehiem pump does not connect to the power supply.....so i am guessing you guys just let it run constantly?

24th October 2002, 01:17 AM
I run mine all the time but swiftec sells a relay so it will go on when you press the power button.

The pump is pretty quiet. You shouldn't hear it over the fans.

24th October 2002, 10:40 AM
I've suspended my pump in the res on elastic bands so it's almost silent. About the only noise you get from the pumps is through vibration. If you are going to use your pump inline ( not in a res) then mount it with some expanding foam or similar and that should keep it very wuiet.


24th October 2002, 08:45 PM
i'll just ditto what the lads said... eheim 1048 for most people 1250 for expansion... and they are absolutly silent. mount it on rubber gromits and you won't even hear the slight vibration


24th October 2002, 09:00 PM
Sounds great guys, thanks for all the wonderful suggestions! I think ill just go with the eheim so i can future proof myself!