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16th October 2002, 10:15 PM
Hi Tweakers
Just lately been seeing a lot of 8k3a user's about
and alot using XP's that are not unlocked.
To get the best out of the 8k3a you need an unlocked cpu.
What if you are not up for it ?
Good question, well if like me, you don't have the eyes for it
anymore, or you just don't fancy cooking ya nice new chip.
What do you do, get somebody to do it for you,if you can.

There is another option, Baldegle2 gave me the heads up,
For a little more money you can run the MPcpu
They come unlocked from the factory,
make sure you check up to see if the one you want to buy does
before you part with your cash, so far as I know they all do.
But don't take my word for it.
Anyway they oc very well, my MP1900 is now running @1.9 gig with the voltage at default, air cooled.
Go on you know you want to :p


17th October 2002, 06:04 AM

my MP2000+ will only do 1.84 gig reliably, run it @1.82 for safety's sake.

guess the newer issues are clocking even better.

nice chip you got there. i am plenty happy with the speed i got right now.

try the beta bios 2912 for the 8k3a or +, same for both. video tearing at the higher FSB speeds has been addressed to a point, i can now get up to 212 FSB without tearing, before it happened @ 201 or higher. very smooth feeling bios, the memory timings have been relaxed a bit, seems to help with the flow.


17th October 2002, 11:09 AM
Hi Baldy
I'm busy trying to get 2gig with it, it will post and get into windoze
but can't do much with it, still unstable.
Had to crank the voltage up to 2.volts the temps rose from 36c to 44c
at idle.
I think the first chip I tried the MP1800 is a better chip.
But I needed a pair for dual board :( so I used it.
And then got the MP1900 when the price came down.
I'm running it at 1.95gig make it work hard for a few days an then try again.
Mainly to say Idid it realy, cos I don't think it will run 2gig and be stable, but I'm gonna try.
Don't know if H2O would help or not, as its not getting that hot .
But it may be enough to keep it running an get it stable.Had it at 1.995 for a while and under full load it was around 50c,
Will try the bios upgrade, it may help.
Thanks again for the heads up.

Jed ;)

17th October 2002, 01:22 PM
i can email the bin file to you if you want.

hit me with a regular email response, then i can send the sucker back to you via attachment.


17th October 2002, 03:32 PM

did the beta bios fix the performance issues of bus speeds over 166 Mhz?

Have a look at the 133 vs 166 Mhz article I wrote here on NM. I consistently got lower scores for the 166Mhz FSB than for 133....


17th October 2002, 08:43 PM
Hi Guys
Thank for the offer but already have it.
Upgraded the bios, and I would say it's better, smooth and machine does load faster, apps seem to run faster as well.
Now down to business, my machine is faster at speeds of 166mhz and over, right up to 210mhz, so I would say give it a try Rag.
Above 210mhz my kit don't like it, video starts to tear and colour's change ect.
I may strip it out and run without all the other stuff and see what is unhappy with the pci bus speed.
I know the GTS 2 don't like it, but its better now I updated the driver for it as well.
This bios also seems to allow more agressive ram timings,
something that I could not do before.
My box now reports my chip as an MP2400 :p
I'm now running a bit slower and make it work hard for a couple of days. Then go for the 2gig again.

The epox system for flashing the bios is very nice, so easy
hope they all follow the same route.

Jed ;)