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16th October 2002, 10:11 AM
With this new mobo, and my recent cpu frying experiences, I've been monitoring my temps pretty closely...(experiences such as this make you anal) Durring this mornings "click about" I found a button on the PCAlert 4 that said "CoolerXP" so of course, I went there....and I got the steering wheel looking thing that came up...well, since turning that on, my temps dropped like 8 degrees C and has remained there....

My question is....is this something I should keep on all the time?

When running DF my temp has been about 49-50C I wasn't doing anything but downloading and running Photoshop7 and my cpu temp was 47 prior to finding this. I didn't know if it was something I should only use when my temps were getting higher or if it should be on all the time.

Thanks in advance :)

16th October 2002, 11:19 AM
Ahhh well..I've found out it doesn't let DF run...turned that sucker off :D