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The Doctor
10th October 2002, 05:18 PM
Useful freeware:

The website is called "Lexun Freeware" and can be found at http://home.carolina.rr.com/lexunfreeware/ .

* DrvClonerXP - Copies a drive partition's structure sector-by-sector, byte-for-byte directly to another drive partition, giving you an exact reproduction (clone) of your original partition! No intermediate file is created (like DrvImagerXP below), just direct partition to partition low level structure copying.

* DrvImagerXP - Copies a drive partition's structure sector-by-sector, byte-for-byte to a file, giving you an exact reproduction of your drive partition in file format! The partition's structure defined in the file can then later be copied back to the same partition, or even a different partition, restoring it perfectly. Lots of users prefer it over Drive Image and Ghost!

* RegScrubXP - It's faster, more thorough, and incorporates multi-threading for better user response. It includes a large selection of XP tips and tweaks, and the option of applying some nice tweaks to the Registry to customize your computing experience. It also allows you to click a button to automatically download any updates to RegScrubXP from this web site, all done in the background while you continue working. And the best part... it's free!!!!!

I did download and try RegScrubXP (after making a full backup). It dug out *tons* of stuff that neither the JV16 Power Tools nor Norton's WinDoctor found, and appears to have done so without ill effect. Very nice!

This was excerpted from Langalist Plus eZine :xohyes: just to let you know that I don't spend all day surfing the Net....

You can reach Langalist at:

http://www.langa.com/recommend.htm [or here:]


10th October 2002, 05:49 PM
Surley ONLINE marketing is like NO NO, wow blatent plug if what my broswer said is right !

10th October 2002, 05:51 PM
ps, i was on about the bottom links not the top :D

10th October 2002, 09:17 PM
He He, no replys lo :D :D :D, Doctor you salesman , heheheh :D :Dl

The Doctor
11th October 2002, 04:50 AM
I do sleep "most" of the day....

I "pay" for the Langalist Plus eZine....

It is copyrighted, I believe.... :dunno:

So I did not want anyone to think that "I" came up with what I posted, hence I gave Fred his "due" :xohyes:

I understand your poke in the ribs, and got the chuckle :D

But alas, I have nothing to sell, for myself, nor anyone else....

I only have love for mankind; distrust for evil; hope for the planet;

and continue to search for peace in my heart... and my mind.

I share.

Anything I post is an attempt at sharing: either humor, sarcasm, knowledge, love, hope, and friendship....

I feel when I post "private items" produced by people who work for them in order to make a living, that, like a copyright, I owe it to them to mention where I procured the data... it's cricket, you know m8... to give credit, where credit is due.

Every keyboard comes with a "delete-key" [yours too I'll wager]
:p ... so if you do not enjoy what I've posted: delete me :cool: ... that's all I can do and say in my attempts to be fair to everyone, including you: Raid-0, I enjoy the sarcasm, and the digs & tugs of every day posting on a BB....

But I digress, you did not want me to go on this long, you just wanted acknowledgment... my hat's off to you, you exist, I acknowledge so... it's almost 0100 here in Cincinnati, so off to bed I am....

Have a good day m8, and post more often, so we can get to know one another :xohyes: the doctor :sunshine:

13th October 2002, 10:40 PM
Ahhh what are you like :D, Man i would hate to meet you as lawer v lawerm, u make a resounding case :D:D I Will start posting more, as soon as get somthing usfull to say :D

P.S..hehehe i downloaded all them utils ROFL quite good acualy :D :D

13th October 2002, 11:04 PM
Hey Doc,
I found these when it was over at the Seti Forum. I like! First time I've seen you moving about out the Team Picard world... Nice to see you finding some of the other treasures on the NinjaMicros board.

Check out the Humor area, and off topic as well. Some fun stuff in there!

Of course I'm partial to this post myself;


The Doctor
14th October 2002, 01:46 AM
Well I can't really take the credit for jogging about... The Greystar helped me... he suggested my post belonged over here [where-ever over here is???] :D

So I thanked him, mentioned that I don't get out much, as I only read the SETi pages... :rolleyes:

I guess I knew these others existed, but I don't have any time [go figure, a time lord with no-time] to pop-in, as I sleep so much... and the percoset's [pain-killer pills] get me pretty groggy when I'm awake, along with the rest of the Pharmacy that I take in two shifts each day.

Hand still hurts, but I try not to whine about it in public, bad for my reputation you see...? Stitches were cut out the other day, but I won't have the use of the hand for weeks yet...

which is a real bummer, cause I've really got to clean up the Tardis... such a mess from the water damage, and then those pesky daleks like to play jokes on me now and again, just to keep me honest... during the WR's....

And I do so hope to help ^7_of_8.99 to keep his chin up as the Federation munches on little borggies :spot: during the WR's....

Canada does border Ohio, as long as you can walk on water, which I'm sure any self-respecting borggie can do :xohyes:

Yo, and hey Raid-0, nice to see you posting some more, don't be a lurker, jump in so we can cut you up and throw you in the mix, it makes one heck-of-a-soup :D